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Secure communication and collaboration.

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An image of Element desktop showing chat rooms, video calls, in-room data, widgets and collaboration.An image of the Element mobile app (dark mode) showing chat rooms, video calls, in-room data, widgets and collaboration.

Secure sensitive communications.

Protect the most sensitive parts of your organisation; from senior executive discussion, to intellectual property and cybersecurity.

An entire communications platform under your control, with end-to-end encrypted voice, video, messaging and collaboration.

an image showing element running on different devices.

Nationwide scalability.

Easily scales to serve the largest of organisations, supply chains and entire ecosystems.

Support thousands of users in a single end-to-end encrypted chat room. Connect millions in real time across multiple organisations. Decentralisation enables flexible federation that scales elastically horizontally, and preserves each party’s data sovereignty.

Own and control your communications.

Element gives you the independence and flexibility to create a communications platform you can trust.

Data sovereignty

Whether self-hosted or fully managed. Operate on a separate decentralised network for resilience and incident response.


Functionality to suit your security profile and options to brand as your own.

Manage a single platform

Integrate with others and enjoy the innovation, security and transparency of open source software.

Trusted by secure organisations

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Continuous communication for mission-critical environments.

Secure and resilient real time communications helps navigate disruption in an increasingly volatile world.

Bring the power of the original self-healing internet to your real time communications. Benefit from a separate and decentralised network to guard against downtime, and ensure secure real time discussion even during a cyberattack.

Improve productivity with a secure supply chain.

Communicate with external partners as easily as you do with email, but securely and in real time.

A single communication platform to manage, even if your external partners are using other platforms such as Microsoft Teams or Slack.

Ensure compliance if external parties are using WhatsApp or Telegram.

An image depicting the element messaging app on mobile for those on the frontline, communicating with those using teams at the office or at home.

Unite your hybrid workforce.

A platform for the entire workforce. A consumer-feel messaging app for those on the frontline. A desktop collaboration tool for those in the office or at home.

Easy provisioning and deprovisioning makes Element ideal for contractors and temporary staff.

Bridge to other communication apps, uniting everyone in an interoperable and compliant platform.

Empower your workforce.

Work in real time, all the time. Configure Element to best support each part of the organisation, with admin oversight and control.

Give employees the freedom to boost their productivity by using widgets, integrations and webhooks to add custom in-room functionality.

An image showing users collaborating in real-time with a video call and chat.

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Be in your element.

Secure communication and collaboration.

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