Showcasing TI-Messenger ESS at DMEA in Berlin

April 09, 2024

The only TIM Fachdienst core backed by the creators of Matrix

We’re delighted to be joining Adesso at DMEA 2024 in Berlin, Europe's leading trade show for digital health. Positioned at booth E-102a in Hall 3.2, we're thrilled to showcase our innovative TI-Messenger Element Server Suite (TIM ESS), in partnership with Adesso.

Adesso is using TIM ESS as the core of its TI-Messenger Fachdienst for the German healthcare industry, and powering a TI-Messenger frontend from Famedly.

By working with Adesso, Element is providing the backend capabilities to run some of the largest TI-Messenger deployments - supporting millions of user accounts.

What is TIM ESS?

In short, it’s a game-changer for healthcare communication in Germany. TI-Messenger Element Server Suite acts as the powerhouse for any TI-Messenger service, offering a robust backend infrastructure designed to provide a digitally sovereign communication solution for healthcare organisations. TIM ESS is a healthcare edition on our flagship server-side product offering. TIM ESS accelerates go-to-market time with a secure and cost-efficient, enterprise-grade Matrix homeserver that meets TI-Messenger certification.

TIM ESS can be deployed using Helm charts to provide hyperscalers and service providers with a self-hosted infrastructure to form the core of their TI-Messenger Fachdienst solution. It supports easy-to-manage maintenance and security updates, identity and access management, push gateways, auditing and an advanced TI-Messenger proxy based on Element’s industry leading Secure Border Gateway.

Long Term Support (LTS) ensures TIM ESS customers have a secure, stable and reliable backend at all times. LTS is complemented by continuous security updates which protect servers against emerging threats. By keeping the LTS version stable, costly re-certifications are avoided.

For organisations building their own in-house TI-Messenger backend solutions from the open source code, we also offer AGPLv3 licence exceptions.

Gearing up for compliance

By using TIM ESS as the backend and Famedly, or self-developed clients as part of ePA from insurance companies for the frontend, Adesso is one of the first IT services providers in Germany to offer an end-to-end TI-Messenger service to its customers. This powerful collaboration between partners strengthens and accelerates Adesso’s go-to-market strategy at a critical inflection point: as healthcare insurers gear up to be TIM compliant by the start of 2025.

This new compliance requirement isn’t just about ticking boxes, it’s a transformative initiative which is enhancing productivity, safeguarding patient data and ultimately revolutionising the way German citizens communicate with healthcare professionals across the country. What started out as a bold vision of the future almost four years ago is today putting Germany at the cutting-edge of telemedicine.

Matrix at the heart of healthcare

In 2021 Gematik selected the Matrix protocol as the secure communication layer for TI-Messenger to benefit from its decentralisation, interoperability, digital sovereignty and end-to-end encryption.

Our backend solution enables frontend applications to leverage the transformative power of TI-Messenger

TI-Messenger builds on Matrix with the addition of integrating secure authentication mechanisms with electronic health professional cards (eHBAs), electronic institution cards (SMC-B) and a central FHIR directory. It's this fusion of different cutting-edge technology with stringent security measures that sets TIM ESS apart, making it the go-to solution for healthcare communication requirements.

Element’s role in TI-Messenger

Having developed more than 95% of the Matrix protocol, Element is the driving force behind Matrix and plays a pivotal role in the success of TI-Messenger.

Led by the creators of Matrix, Element's commitment to open source development ensures continuous innovation, reliability and independence, as well as a healthy competitive ecosystem.

By using TIM ESS, Element ensures hyperscalers, health insurers and IT service providers have a ‘turnkey’ solution with a powerful suite of server-side tools and services ranging from deployment assistance to ongoing maintenance and proactive security measures.

Led by Gematik, TI-Messenger is the world’s most advanced healthcare communication initiative. As we prepare to discuss the world of digital health at DMEA 2024, we're very excited about the journey we're embarking on with our partners. Germany is creating a brighter, more connected future for healthcare communication.

Read more about the TI-Messenger initiative in the Matrix in Germany section of our website.

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