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Showcasing TI-Messenger ESS at DMEA in Berlin
Element is joining Adesso at DMEA 2024 in Berlin, where we will be showcasing the TI-Messenger Element Server Suite (TIM ESS).
Archie W
Secure video conferencing for Matrix
79% percent of technology leaders at large organisations feel their sanctioned video conferencing tools fall short...
Archie W
Meet Element R: our new unified crypto implementation
We’ve created a common cryptographic library implementation in Rust - codenamed Element R - for all our Element clients.
Archie W
A new home and license (AGPL) for Synapse and friends
Element has chosen to pursue future development of Synapse, Dendrite and associated server-side projects under the terms of AGPLv3.
Matthew Hodgson
Secure Border Gateway: Enhanced control of your real-time communication data
The Secure Border Gateway for Matrix is a powerful add-on for Element Server Suite that reinforces the security of your data by providing capabilities to address these critical needs.
Karl Abbott
India bans flagship client for the Matrix network
Element is one of 14 messaging apps blocked by the Central Indian Government which - we believe from media reports - relates to Section 69A of the Information Technology Act, 2000.
Denise Almeida
dSam and eSam endorse Matrix for secure and federated communications in the Swedish public sector
Element och Matrix har deltagit i eSams utvärdering av leverantörer som godkända digitala kommunikationslösningar i kategorierna bestående chatt och videokonferens.
Magnus Hult
Introducing Native Matrix VoIP with Element Call!
Hopefully in-person meet-ups will prove much easier in 2022 - but, there’s still a need for video calls, so let’s face it, they’re here to stay. This makes it really exciting to present Element Call: the world’s first decentralised voice and video conferencing app powered entirely
Jake Bowen-Bate
2021: It's been a busy year for Element!
From time to time it’s worth stepping back and looking at progress.
Amandine Le Pape
Simpler plans for Element, on-premise and cloud!
There’s now just two plans. The prices are the same whether Element is deployed as a hosted service or on-premise.
Steve Loynes
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