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Disney’s Slack breach tells an important story
News of Disney’s alleged Slack breach shows what can happen when organisations trust centralised communications platforms that don’t use end-to-end encryption
Steve Loynes
Security release: Element X Android (0.4.12) and iOS (1.6.7)
We have released security updates for Element X Android and Element X iOS to address a high-severity vulnerability. This flaw could expose server-side key backup private key material to Element's bug reporting ("rageshake") servers. The key material is only at risk when users submit a bug report from an affected
Element Security
Security release: Synapse 1.105.1
Today we are releasing Synapse 1.105.1, a security release to fix a High severity vulnerability. We advise you to upgrade your Synapse homeservers to this version at your earliest convenience. The security fix will also be included in our long-term support (LTS) releases, made available for Element Server
Element Security
Secure communications landscape is now ‘Established,’ says Forrester
The new Secure Communications Solutions Landscape Q2 2024 report, from Forrester Research, categorises Secure Communications as an ‘Established’ marketplace.
Steve Loynes
Meet Element R: our new unified crypto implementation
We’ve created a common cryptographic library implementation in Rust - codenamed Element R - for all our Element clients.
Archie W
Security release: Element Android 1.6.12
Hello, Today we have released a security update of Element Android to address a pair of vulnerabilities. Please upgrade to the new version (1.6.12) at your earliest convenience. The two vulnerabilities are as follows: Sensitive file disclosure via share activity (Medium, CVE-2024-26132, GHSA-8wj9-cx7h-pvm4)Intent redirection (High, CVE-2024-26131, GHSA-j6pr-fpc8-q9vm)
Element Security

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