EMS brings more interoperability to messaging

December 17, 2020

There’s much excitement today as Element Matrix Services (EMS), our digital sovereign Matrix-hosting platform, is now providing hosting for a fully managed bridge for Telegram that supports both direct and group messaging.

The new Telegram Bridging feature brings interoperability between Matrix-based apps and Telegram (powered by Tulir’s open source mautrix-telegram bridge) that:

  • Gives people the freedom to choose their app
  • Delivers a solution to address shadow IT
  • Provides auditing, compliance and moderation

The bridge is now available within EMS via the Integrations tab of the EMS host management dashboard, as a fully-hosted bridge. A single bridge deployment supports up to 20 rooms, each with unlimited use.

Symbiotic interoperability

Our Telegram Bridging supports full puppeting of Telegram; in other words the Telegram users appear as real users on Matrix and vice versa.

One of the biggest problems with the plethora of siloed messaging apps is that people within the same organisation or ecosystem cannot message one another unless both parties have the same app.

That leaves people having to constantly switch between apps and, as a consequence, an organisation suffers from fragmented conversations and decision-making across multiple, unmanaged and unaudited apps.

Matrix, being an open network, acts as a middle ground to which siloed apps can connect; a ‘babel fish’ that connects everyone regardless of the messaging or collaboration app they use.

Bringing IT in from the shadows...

With EMS hosting a digital sovereign messaging and collaboration platform that is open to support interoperability, organisations can address their shadow IT issues related to messaging and collaboration.

Indeed all participants can remain in their favoured messaging and collaboration apps while participating in EMS-hosted Matrix-based discussion rooms, which will serve as the organisation’s official reference.

Many EMS customers already use Matrix Bridges to bring their various communities together, bridging in the likes of Slack, Gitter, IRC or anything else.

...with auditing, compliance and moderation

EMS rooms that include multiple Matrix-based apps, native connectivity to Gitter, integrations with protocols such as IRC and XMPP and bridges to the likes of Slack and Telegram operate as all-inclusive discussion areas.

By functioning through Matrix-based EMS-hosted rooms, an organisation is able to ensure auditing (through audit bots), compliance and moderation across its entire ecosystem including external parties such as partner organisations.

To the benefit of everyone

The need to fuse together a wide range of messaging and collaboration apps is obvious for a large community - such as Mozilla - or a small group of freelancers; everyone has freedom to pick their own chat apps, so the need for the babel-like abilities of Matrix is immediately apparent.

What surprises people is that large organisations have exactly the same jumble of messaging and collaboration apps. Corporates don’t have a single messaging platform; they have a huge mix; especially if it’s a global firm.

EMS provides a fast and simple way to bring all of an organisation’s people together in a single safe, manageable place. And with every extra bridge, it becomes more and more inclusive.

Telegram Bridging is available from the Integrations tab of your EMS host management dashboard.

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