On-premise collaboration or cloud collaboration?

Element can be deployed on-premise or as a fully hosted service.

Microsoft teams with lsot connection, while Element is still allowing the team to communicate.

On-premise collaboration.

Element provides on-premise end-to-end encrypted messaging, as well as voice and video.

It's ideally suited to nationwide deployments and enterprises with substantial security requirements, as well as smaller organisations with technical expertise.

On-premise use demands in-house resources, and knowledge of both Element and Matrix.

Element provides support, bridging and an admin app for on-premise deployments with more than 250 users.

Support starts at $3 per user, per month.


Element supports on-premise deployments.


A secure messenger and collaboration tool for the French government.

University of Innsbruck
Safe, inclusive collaboration for the University of Innsbruck

Cloud collaboration.

All the benefits of Element, hosted on your behalf as a fully managed service.

Choose between multi-tenant (from five seats) and single-tenant (from 500 seats) hosting, opt for custom DNS if required.

Data confidentiality is assured through end-to-end encryption. And with Matrix being an open standard, there's no vendor lock-in.

Fully managed bridging services are available, along with enterprise functionality such as Single Sign-On, data retention policies, antivirus and data loss prevention (DLP).

Subscriptions start from $3 per monthly active user.

Cloud Homeserver communicating with other clients

Customers using Element cloud collaboration.

Matrix is an open network for secure, decentralised communication, connecting 35M+ users over 75K+ deployments.

Governed by The Matrix.org Foundation, the Matrix protocol is an open standard with open source implementations, supporting a vibrant developer ecosystem. Element was founded by the team behind Matrix as a way to bring it to the mainstream.