Make the most of Element messenger

Give yourself more control, a customised name and better performance.

The fastest and most robust performance possible.

Fully managed service, supporting multiple accounts.

Full data ownership, so you can export your data.

Custom domain for your app and ID.

$10 a month, with 30 day free trial.

5 accounts for you, family and friends.

Free 30 day trial available for Nickel plan.
Other plans exist
if you are a bigger group or need specific features.

Using Element Matrix Services (EMS) to power your Element app gives you the fastest performance possible. You can customise your domain and ID, and have five separate accounts for you, your family and friends. You retain full ownership of your data, and can relax in the knowledge that your data and messages will stay private.

Element is trusted by thousands of customers that have the highest privacy standards

Element partners with the French government to support 300K users.

Element works with Dataport to support 500K users across the states of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein.

Mozilla uses Element for secure team collaboration and community discussion.

Texas Department of Emergency Management
Element delivers secure, robust and resilient communications for disaster recovery situations.