Secure enterprise collaboration and messaging.

Enterprise-wide collaboration for your whole ecosystem.

For the entire enterprise and all its external partners. A business ecosystem can be bigger than the company itself. Element is designed to keep everyone collaborating, from internal employees to contractors, stakeholders, outsourced firms and supply chain partners. Matrix-based, Element offers unlimited external connections at no extra cost.

Ownership and control. Being decentralised, Element enables you to be fully self-sovereign by letting you choose where your data and conversations are hosted – on premise, Element Matrix Services or a generic hosting platform.

Corporate-ready. Proper end-to-end encryption and crossed-signed device verification means that all messaging and collaboration is fully protected. From branding and single sign-on (SSO) to audit trails, compliance and data retention Element is ready to roll out.

Your problem

Messaging apps create a major shadow IT issue. Data and conversations are going into consumer-grade apps with data mining and consumer-level security. We're losing audit trails on decision-making.

Significant parts of our organisation’s data are created, transported and stored in service providers' proprietary systems. 

Collaboration with external parties means multiple communications and collaboration tools, more IT management and unsustainable costs.

Element solution

Put end-users and IT in control
Element solves chat app shadow IT by combining consumer-level-user experience with enterprise-grade data ownership, security and compliance.

Decentralised for data sovereignty
You choose where to host your data, content and conversations. On-premise, in Element Matrix Services or a generic hosting platform. You retain data ownership.

Secure external connections
Combined open messenger and collaboration that end-users can manage, with a low cost of ownership. Bridging technology connects into others' traditional tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Collaboration between us and our partners creates new security risks and adds cost.

Built for secure collaboration across an ecosystem
Genuine E2EE, plus Element’s unique cross-signed device verification, delivers private conversation. Far more secure than vendors promising encryption in transit and at rest.

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