Secure team collaboration.

Not just for your internal team, but for your entire ecosystem

Element is designed for team collaboration; that’s modern day virtual teams, spread across multiple organisations. It is an open, universal messaging app and collaboration tool. Unlimited connections with people - including externally parties - with no additional cost, configurations or change requests.

Element gives you privacy. You can choose where to keep your team’s conversation – on your own hardware, on Element Matrix Services, or on a cloud platform of your choice. You own and control your data, so that no one can datamine your conversations.

Opened up, yet locked down. Being able to connect with external parties doesn’t mean a loss of security. Thanks to proper end-to-end encryption and cross-signed device verification, Element delivers a new level of security.

Your problem

Element solution

Working with a virtual team that includes people outside of your own organisation. Too many tools, forever logging in and out of different systems to speak to different people, incompatibilities, multiple log-ins and data getting lost.

A single app that lets you talk to everyone, including external partners at no extra cost. Element interoperates with any Matrix-based system, bridges into traditional proprietary systems such as Slack and protocols like IRC and XMPP.

Your problem

Element solution

Messaging apps are good for quick updates, but offer little in terms of collaborative working. Collaboration tools have good functionality, but are expensive and clunky.

Messaging and collaboration
A fast, secure messaging app combined with a powerful secure collaboration tool. Share documents, screens and co-create with confidence with voice, video, conferencing, 1:1s and multiple rooms. One place to talk and work with everyone.

Your problem

Element solution

I need to know I can trust the system I'm putting in place to run my team.

Data sovereignty and end-to-end encryption
Element lets you choose where you store your content and messages. You can store it on your own hardware, or for a complete team solution you can use Element Matrix Services to handle everything for you. Either way, you own the data and it's protected by end-to-end encryption.

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