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Announcing the Element public roadmap
We’re publishing the Element public roadmap in a new public repository and project board that anyone can access.
Nad Chishtie
Gitter goes native!
Native Matrix connectivity for Gitter is a proof point for interoperability between messenger apps.
Steve Loynes
BwMessenger goes live for Bundeswehr!
BWI and Bundeswehr launches Matrix-based communications platform, BwMessenger.
Steve Loynes
Gitter is joining Element
When GitLab proposed that Gitter could be stronger as part of the Matrix network, we knew we couldn’t miss the chance!
Amandine Le Pape
Element 1.7.8 is out!
Highlights from Element Web 1.7.6, 1.7.7 and 1.7.8
Steve Loynes
A vision for every Element in the NHS Matrix
Matrix can be the open protocol that brings instant - and cost-free - interoperability for real time communications across the NHS.
Steve Loynes
Privacy shield judgement points to a decentralised future
In something reminiscent of David and Goliath, the stone of Max Schrems’ landmark legal challenge has shattered the Privacy Shield that protects centralised service providers.
Denise Almeida
Bonjour, Element on Android!
Element is built in Kotlin, so it has a much smaller and more maintainable codebase. The biggest focus has been on improving the user experience.
Matthew Hodgson
Welcome to Element!
Hi everyone, We are incredibly excited to announce that Riot is now Element! In fact we have simplified all our naming: Element is also the name for New Vector (the company behind Riot) while Modular, our flagship Matrix hosting service, has become Element Matrix Services. For those discovering us for
Amandine Le Pape
Element brings Matrix to Europe
Although Element is working with companies around the world, our busiest region is Europe and in particular European governments and public sector organisations. There are multiple reasons, but three of the biggest are: We’re a European company, so there’s a natural local understanding and practicalities such as time
Steve Loynes

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