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Riot Web 1.5  — Big accessibility improvements, and introducing CIDER: our brand new message composer!
Riot Web 1.5 is out now, landing our brand new message composer with improved accessibility, increased language compatibilty and enhanced stability! Accessibility improvements!In the last sprint we spent some time improving accessibility on Riot Web and iOS. Accessibility improvements already being positively received in the wild!Riot Web
Thomas Lant
$8.5M to accelerate Matrix, polish Riot and expand Modular!
The need for decentralised encrypted communication is becoming critical, as the pressure mounts on the big centralised communication silos to insert backdoors into their encryption, and we see ever more erratic behaviour emerging. Meanwhile more and more players are realising that fragmenting communication is counterproductive and are trying to back-pedal
Amandine Le Pape
Personal Hosted Homeservers have landed!!
Hi all, Ever since Modular launched we’ve been working away on offering smaller dedicated Matrix server hosting than our previous minimum size of 50 users. As of today, after lots of optimisation work and a successful trial to those who signed up on the waitlist, we are incredibly excited
Build your own custom branded chat platform at the touch of a button!
Today we are pleased to announce that you can now customise your Modular hosted Riot at the touch of a button, through the Modular host admin interface. Better yet, this is available to all Modular customers at no additional cost. To get your very own branded chat, simply set up
HipChat migration - Don't follow the herd
As you may be aware, the deadline is fast approaching when Atlassian will discontinue support for Stride and HipChat, on February 15th 2019. Get your own Modular Hosted Homeserver now Atlassian's advice, for customers still using the platform is simply to migrate over to Slack, but is this the right

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