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Automattic backs Matrix by investing $4.6M in New Vector!
We're very excited to announce that Automattic, the creator of WordPress, is making a $4.6M strategic investment in New Vector in order to back the Matrix ecosystem - effectively extending our Series-A round from October! Automattic is one of the most successful and well regarded open source companies, with
Amandine Le Pape
Riot Web 1.6, RiotX Android 0.19 & Riot iOS 0.11 — E2E Encryption by Default & Cross-signing is here!!
Hi folks, We are incredibly excited to present the biggest change in Riot ever: as of the last 24 hours we are enabling end-to-end encryption by default for all new non-public conversations, together with a complete rework of Riot’s user experience around E2E encryption, powered by a whole new
Matthew Hodgson
Modular goes global, adds new customers and introduces annual billing
We’ve brought forward our global expansion plans, launching regionally-based Modular operations in both the United States and Singapore to complement our existing European hosting regions (Germany and the UK). We have expanded our collaboration cloud-based infrastructure across three continents in response to strong customer growth and to ensure that
Seven questions to ask yourself about the collaboration tools you chose (before someone asks you first)
Nagging feeling you chose the wrong collaboration tool? Here are seven questions you should ask.
Steve Loynes
Looking sharper!
Hey Riot users, We’ve seen a massive spike in video conferencing in Riot so far this week: ...and the free conferencing deployment we’ve been running for Riot on the old infrastructure has become completely overloaded. As a result, we’ve accelerated work to provide a properly
Steve Loynes
High quality video conferencing from Modular
Introducing a brand new high quality video conferencing service at no additional cost! Widespread remote working has rapidly increased the use of video calls and conferencing; a trend clearly demonstrated by Modular’s usage stats. As we adapt to living and working ‘in isolation,’ we believe that video calls will
Remote schooling: Health safety measures shouldn’t put our kids’ privacy at risk.
As everyone is taking drastic measures to halt the spread of Covid19, online collaboration is even more of a critical backbone for the world. But should we protect our health at the expense of our privacy? Moving most of our communications online means that most of our important and private
Amandine Le Pape
Mozilla selects Modular and Riot to power their community instant messaging
After a formal 1-month trial of 4 different platforms, we are very excited that Mozilla have announced their decision to move their communications from IRC to Matrix, choosing Modular and Riot as their new home! We’ve always been big fans of Mozilla, few have done more for the open
Amandine Le Pape
Riot Web 1.5  — Big accessibility improvements, and introducing CIDER: our brand new message composer!
Riot Web 1.5 is out now, landing our brand new message composer with improved accessibility, increased language compatibilty and enhanced stability! Accessibility improvements!In the last sprint we spent some time improving accessibility on Riot Web and iOS. Accessibility improvements already being positively received in the wild!Riot Web
Thomas Lant
$8.5M to accelerate Matrix, polish Riot and expand Modular!
The need for decentralised encrypted communication is becoming critical, as the pressure mounts on the big centralised communication silos to insert backdoors into their encryption, and we see ever more erratic behaviour emerging. Meanwhile more and more players are realising that fragmenting communication is counterproductive and are trying to back-pedal
Amandine Le Pape

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