Our Enterprise Installer makes deploying Element on-premise easier than ever

May 05, 2022

Our team has been working hard behind the scenes on a dedicated enterprise installer for on-premise deployments of Element - and now it’s ready for launch!

Many of our larger customers (especially those in areas such as public sector, telco, utilities and education) have strict compliance obligations that necessitate them hosting data on-premise. We’re committed to ensuring anyone can deploy Element on-premise securely, swiftly and without compromises.

Element offers the choice between Element On-premise (from $3 per monthly active user) and Element Enterprise On-premise (from $4 per monthly active user). By choosing Element Enterprise, your organisation receives all of the benefits of Element plus additional enterprise-specific features such as:


  • Group Sync (the ability to synchronise Space membership with groups defined in corporate user directories such as Active Directory)
  • Audit capability for compliance obligations
  • Enterprise antivirus integration
  • Easily configurable custom Element branding
  • …and more!


With the introduction of our on-premise installer, customers can now deploy Element using the same best practices that power Element Enterprise Cloud, building on years of expertise in Matrix hosting from the team who created Matrix.

Our on-premise offering can now be installed and maintained in a consistent, supportable manner for a Kubernetes environment, complete with full high availability and elastic scalability. (Kubernetes is an open source platform for managing containerized workloads and services). We also have the ability to deploy single node on-premise proof of concept environments, so organisations can ‘try before you buy.’


What does it deliver?

Element On-Premise brings you the peace of mind of a fully up-to-date, supported, enterprise-grade installer following all the best practices of the core Matrix team - designed to provide seamless upgrades as Element and Matrix evolves, while providing the most robust and scalable Matrix hosting possible.  Element Enterprise On-Premise adds the ability to seamlessly add additional enterprise-focused components into the mix, including Delegated Authentication, Group Sync, Enterprise Integrations and more (other installer goodies in the works include Antivirus and Audit capability).

Our installer is text-based and is built for Ubuntu 20.04 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8. You simply provide basic information about your environment in configuration files, run the installer, and then begin using your very own Element stack that you control.  The installer also lets you fine-tune any aspect of the underlying deployments if required.


When it comes to updates, the new installer will pull down the latest updates from an Element-provided customer repository containing the latest tested components of your stack. At Element, packages undergo extensive testing before being deployed to our cloud-based customers and then our on-premise customers.

If you’re ready to find out more about our installer visit our On-premise collaboration webpage or check out our detailed on-premise installation documentation for all the details.

If you’ve read this far and you want to set up your own on-premise deployment of Element, contact our sales team, who will get you access to our installer and the customer repositories so that you can build out your own proof of concept and start taking control of your communications!

Karl Abbott
Karl Abbott is the Product Manager for Element On-Premise and is passionate about private and secure communications.

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