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2024 is about being in your element
In our latest ESS release (24.02), we've been laser-focused on improving our installation process for customers who self-host their servers. Find out the latest updates and stories from behind the scenes.
Danielle Kirkwood
Secure Border Gateway: Enhanced control of your real-time communication data
The Secure Border Gateway for Matrix is a powerful add-on for Element Server Suite that reinforces the security of your data by providing capabilities to address these critical needs.
Karl Abbott
Element Starter: open source meets on-premise collaboration
We are proud to introduce Element Starter: a brand new offering designed to provide IT administrators with a free, self-hosted, and user-friendly on-ramp to the world of secure communications and digital sovereignty.
Karl Abbott
Announcing Element Server Suite (23.08): the 1st edition of our new predictable release cadence
Introducing a consistent release cadence for Element Server Suite (23.08) In the world of today’s technology, maintaining a competitive advantage requires us to walk a fine line between innovation and reliability.
Richard Lewis
Check out our gorgeous back-end…
The real magic is in the back-end of Element, and today we are announcing not one but two new onboarding experiences!
Karl Abbott
BundesMessenger is a milestone in Germany’s ground-breaking vision
BundesMessenger is a modified version of Element which we’re working with BWI to develop and maintain.
Steve Loynes
Our Enterprise Installer makes deploying Element on-premise easier than ever
Our new improved installer makes deploying Element On-premise easier than ever!
Karl Abbott
2021: It's been a busy year for Element!
From time to time it’s worth stepping back and looking at progress.
Amandine Le Pape
Simpler plans for Element, on-premise and cloud!
There’s now just two plans. The prices are the same whether Element is deployed as a hosted service or on-premise.
Steve Loynes
Element is best on-premise alternative as Skype for Business Server hits EOL
A guide to on-premise alternatives as Skype for Business Server nears End of Life.
Steve Loynes

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