Element 1.9.1 - Chat Export is finally here!!

October 11, 2021
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Hiya folks!

We’re pleased to announce that our latest release includes the ability to export chat from all Rooms and DMs on Element Web and Desktop - with huge thanks to Jaiwanth Vemula from IIT Kharagpur University, who single-handedly built the whole feature as his Google Summer Of Code contribution this year! The ability to export is one of our most up-voted features ever; we’re incredibly excited that it’s here.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and update to the new version of Element!

To date, there have been external tools like matrix-archive available to bridge the feature gap, but they were for command-line users rather than built into Element itself. Until now… Not only are you able to choose what to export; the current timeline, the entire timeline, or a specific number of messages, but you're also able to choose how to export; HTML, Plain Text, or JSON.

How to use Chat Export

Exporting chat from Element Web and Desktop is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

  1. Head to Room Info and select "Export Chat".
  2. Use the options available to tailor your download.
  3. Select Export... and voilà!
Everything you always dreamt of, in chat export form :D

Exporting a chat — however you decide — will always include a Room summary, and appears in light mode (to save ink!).

A big thank you to Jaiwanth and the wider team for the Chat Export feature. Let us know what you think; we love hearing from users.

But wait, there's more!

Also featured in this release …

  • We have resolved a couple of issues found in Spaces.
  • We’ve also released improvements to our E2EE and cross-signing flows, hoping to reduce confusion and complexity.
  • There have been some great community contributions focussed on improving our UX, for which we are always grateful.

And, meanwhile, in iOS 1.6.1, we’ve been working on making voice messages even easier to use.

  • If you have a draft voice message ready to go, and then switch rooms, your draft will still be waiting for you when you come back.
  • When you come back to a voice message you started listening to and didn’t finish, it’ll pick up from where you left off, even if you changed rooms in the meantime.
  • You can now scrub through voice messages, so it’s easier to get to exactly the bit you want to listen to.

As always, you’re welcome to read the full changelogs on GitHub for Element Web (which these days includes the Desktop and underlying matrix-react-sdk and matrix-js-sdk changes too!).

And remember, go ahead and add some 👍  to issues and we’ll tally the votes!

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