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ESS 24.05: now with Element Desktop MSIs!
In our most recent version of ESS 24.05 we’re pleased to offer a Windows MSI (Microsoft Installer) build of Element Desktop. Many larger customers prefer MSI files for software installation.
Archie W
Security release: Element X Android (0.4.12) and iOS (1.6.7)
We have released security updates for Element X Android and Element X iOS to address a high-severity vulnerability. This flaw could expose server-side key backup private key material to Element's bug reporting ("rageshake") servers. The key material is only at risk when users submit a bug report from an affected
Element Security
Resetting the server-side key backup
What is the server-side key backup?The server-side key backup is an encrypted copy of your Matrix client’s message keys, securely stored on your Matrix homeserver. To ensure those keys can only ever be accessed by you, they are encrypted on your device, with a key that’s kept
Element Security
Meet Element R: our new unified crypto implementation
We’ve created a common cryptographic library implementation in Rust - codenamed Element R - for all our Element clients.
Archie W
Security release: Element Android 1.6.12
Hello, Today we have released a security update of Element Android to address a pair of vulnerabilities. Please upgrade to the new version (1.6.12) at your earliest convenience. The two vulnerabilities are as follows: Sensitive file disclosure via share activity (Medium, CVE-2024-26132, GHSA-8wj9-cx7h-pvm4)Intent redirection (High, CVE-2024-26131, GHSA-j6pr-fpc8-q9vm)
Element Security
Element X; now with embedded VoIP!
We’ve made tremendous progress with Element X. It’s just six weeks since the Ignition release and, with this new update, Element Call is now fully embedded!
Steve Loynes
Upgrade Element Desktop
Today we have released Element Desktop v1.11.45 which fixes CVE-2023-5217, a high severity vulnerability caused by the Electron dependency.
Steve Loynes
Element X: Ignition
We're announcing the first major release of Element X synchronised across both iOS and Android.
Patrick Alberts
Element X preview is now on Android too!
We’ve released an early edition of Element X in the Google Play Store.
Matthew Hodgson
A huge new update for Element Call Beta 3!
Discover the latest update to Element Call: enhanced scalability now supporting hundreds of users, a dynamic grid layout, Element Web/Desktop, and upcoming end-to-end encryption.
Jake Bowen-Bate
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