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All aboard! Better FTUE for less WTF
While many understand the value of decentralised, interoperable, end-to-end encrypted chat and a whole treasure trove of communication features - it’s no good if folks can’t get signed up or logged in… 🎺 *Cue Fanfare* 🎺 So it *sparks joy* to launch our new “Sign up and sign in” flow
Danielle Kirkwood
Drop-in, drop-out chats with Video Rooms, and a new search experience!
We're so excited to announce that Video Rooms is entering beta in Element, just as a new Room Search is exiting beta!
Nad Chishtie
Looking for a new messenger?
Messaging apps should be easy to use, provide a seamless experience, respect privacy and be safe and secure. Element messenger provides all of this and more!
Caitlin Smith
Frontline workers and messenger apps; how to solve shadow IT
Compared to the oversight an organisation has over its email, consumer messaging apps are the Wild West. The two most effective solutions are bridging or migration.
Paulina Lundin
Introducing Threads in Beta!
All users can now opt-in to our Threads Beta! Threads helps declutter the main room timeline by moving conversations and topics into the right panel.
Danielle Kirkwood
Introducing Native Matrix VoIP with Element Call!
Hopefully in-person meet-ups will prove much easier in 2022 - but, there’s still a need for video calls, so let’s face it, they’re here to stay. This makes it really exciting to present Element Call: the world’s first decentralised voice and video conferencing app powered entirely
Jake Bate
Element launches E2EE Location Sharing
Location sharing can be seen in both a positive and negative light. Great in the sense that it provides an extra layer of safety and convenience to users. Ever tried finding your friends at a festival without location sharing? Impossible. A lone worker who wants the comfort of those back
Jake Bate
What is App Fog? How do I solve it?
Messaging apps are meant to be simple, but the sheer volume of them can be overwhelming. You speak to Gran on Facebook because, let’s be honest, that’s the only app she knows how to use. Then we have Lucy over on Instagram. Your friends are split between Signal
Caitlin Smith
Element welcomes Polls!
Polls allow anyone with ‘send messages’ permissions to post a question in the form of a poll with up to 20 possible responses.
Jake Bate
Secure collaboration for cybersecurity teams
Imagine being a CISO, hauled into a boardroom, and asked: “Why is your team using a collaboration tool that isn’t even end-to-end encrypted?” Where would you go with that? “The team is familiar with Slack; I didn’t want the pushback from replacing it.”“Microsoft Teams is bundled for
Steve Loynes
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