Modular goes global, adds new customers and introduces annual billing

April 28, 2020

We’ve brought forward our global expansion plans, launching regionally-based Modular operations in both the United States and Singapore to complement our existing European hosting regions (Germany and the UK).

We have expanded our collaboration cloud-based infrastructure across three continents in response to strong customer growth and to ensure that the fast and reliable, low-latency service Modular users enjoy in Europe is replicated globally.

New and existing customers are now able to choose the region in which their service is based via a dropdown menu when creating a new host.

Secure, scalable and open collaboration

Modular has seen a 50 percent increase in customers during the last four weeks. We’d love to be in a more celebratory mood, but the increase is primarily driven by the Coronavirus pandemic. As countries locked down to battle Covid-19, many organisations needed to put new collaboration tools in place to support remote working.

However, while there are multiple collaboration tools on offer, there are surprisingly few fully-hosted options for organisations that prioritise confidentiality.

Modular provides confidential collaboration by design, being built on top of the Matrix open network. Customers have ownership and control of their collaboration data, along with high-end performance through a fully managed hosting platform. Matrix-based functionality also offers strong security, state of the art end-to-end encryption and a vibrant developer ecosystem.

The ability to select where data is hosted is important to organisations that need to be sure where their data resides, which is why we are pleased to expand our cloud infrastructure earlier than planned.

Modular’s new customers - ranging from SMEs to enterprises like Mozilla - are drawn from a number of sectors that prioritise confidentiality, including government, education and media.

Annual billing

We have also complemented Modular’s monthly billing with an annual option which brings an eight percent reduction in cost for customers, compared with paying monthly. New and existing customers are able to choose their billing option when setting up a new server, while existing customers are able to switch their subscription for existing hosts by getting in touch with Support or their account manager.

Although we could have launched with an annual option, we felt it was right to wait until we’d reached a level of maturity that warranted longer-term commitment from customers. Our satisfaction rate has grown continually and is the highest it’s ever been, so now feels like the right time.

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