High quality video conferencing from Modular

March 19, 2020

Introducing a brand new high quality video conferencing service at no additional cost!

Widespread remote working has rapidly increased the use of video calls and conferencing; a trend clearly demonstrated by Modular’s usage stats. As we adapt to living and working ‘in isolation,’ we believe that video calls will replace traditional phone calls as the common default.


In the absence of regular face-to-face interaction, video conferencing now plays a vital role in building or maintaining trusted relationships and effective team performance; increasing the importance of a high quality and reliable service.

So in these troubled times, it’s important for us to deliver a smoother video experience, with crisp audio and visuals that capture every word, expression and nuance. Hopefully it makes everyone’s life a little easier.

To be clear, if you’re already a Modular user you don’t have to change anything to benefit from it; just click on the call button in a group chat in Riot, or set up a Jitsi conference from the Integration Manager, and off you go - high quality straight out of the box. Do note that this change only impacts the conferences, putting them at least at the level of the one-to-one calls, if not better.

If you’re not already using Modular, now is the time! Just sign-up, and in addition to a high quality video conferencing solution (powered by Jitsi), you’ll get a secure, custom and complete communication service that will be deployed in the region of your choice and will scale as you grow.

Switching to high quality video conferencing will, we believe, help bring relationships alive at a time when people are living isolated lives. High quality is as much about morale and camaraderie as it is business performance. Indeed, the two go hand in hand.

We hope that high quality video will play an important part in helping organisations and their people rise to an unprecedented challenge.

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