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Element 1.9.1 - Chat Export is finally here!!
We’re pleased to announce that our latest release includes the ability to export chat from all Rooms and DMs on Element Web and Desktop.
Danielle Kirkwood
EMS launches Matrix bridging for Signal
Element Matrix Services (EMS) now offers a fully-managed bridge for Signal.
Steve Loynes
Spaces blast out of beta
Spaces rethink grouping rooms and people, fundamentally improving Element and Matrix to better group conversations instead of viewing all rooms all of the time.
Nad Chishtie
Introducing Element Voice Messages, all new VoIP, and so much more...
We’re incredibly excited to release major new versions of Element across all three platforms, introducing Voice Messages as a first class citizen!
Matthew Hodgson
Microsoft Teams and Slack integration using Matrix
Element Matrix Services now offers fully managed bridges for both Microsoft Teams and Slack. Connect Element to both, and you can integrate Slack and Microsoft Teams via Matrix.
Steve Loynes
Spaces: The next frontier
We’re launching Spaces— the next frontier for how to group rooms and people in Element and Matrix. Join the public beta!
Nad Chishtie
EMS launches bridging for Microsoft Teams
After offering bridges to Discord, Slack and Telegram, Element Matrix Services (EMS) is now launching Microsoft Teams Bridging.
Steve Loynes
Welcome, Element Home!
We’ve launched a brand new version of Element, called Element Home!
Steve Loynes

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