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Announcing Element Server Suite (23.08): the 1st edition of our new predictable release cadence
Introducing a consistent release cadence for Element Server Suite (23.08) In the world of today’s technology, maintaining a competitive advantage requires us to walk a fine line between innovation and reliability.
Richard Lewis
Element is accessible by design
Element is creating a more accessible future for everyone. Updates include: optimising the colours, increasing the contrast and enhancing the screen reading functionality.
Danielle Kirkwood
What is App Fog? How do I solve it?
Messaging apps are meant to be simple, but the sheer volume of them can be overwhelming. You speak to Gran on Facebook because, let’s be honest, that’s the only app she knows how to use. Then we have Lucy over on Instagram. Your friends are split between Signal
Caitlin Smith
Simpler plans for Element, on-premise and cloud!
There’s now just two plans. The prices are the same whether Element is deployed as a hosted service or on-premise.
Steve Loynes
Welcome, Element Home!
We’ve launched a brand new version of Element, called Element Home!
Steve Loynes
Riot Web 1.5  — Big accessibility improvements, and introducing CIDER: our brand new message composer!
Riot Web 1.5 is out now, landing our brand new message composer with improved accessibility, increased language compatibilty and enhanced stability! Accessibility improvements!In the last sprint we spent some time improving accessibility on Riot Web and iOS. Accessibility improvements already being positively received in the wild!Riot Web
Thomas Lant

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