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ESS 24.05: now with Element Desktop MSIs!
In our most recent version of ESS 24.05 we’re pleased to offer a Windows MSI (Microsoft Installer) build of Element Desktop. Many larger customers prefer MSI files for software installation.
Archie W
Utility companies need secure, mission critical communications
Critical infrastructure and utility companies need secure, mission critical communications to protect against potentially life threatening disruption.
Steve Loynes
dSam and eSam endorse Matrix for secure and federated communications in the Swedish public sector
Element och Matrix har deltagit i eSams utvärdering av leverantörer som godkända digitala kommunikationslösningar i kategorierna bestående chatt och videokonferens.
Magnus Hult
Introducing Threads in Beta!
All users can now opt-in to our Threads Beta! Threads helps declutter the main room timeline by moving conversations and topics into the right panel.
Danielle Kirkwood
Secure collaboration for cybersecurity teams
Imagine being a CISO, hauled into a boardroom, and asked: “Why is your team using a collaboration tool that isn’t even end-to-end encrypted?” Where would you go with that? “The team is familiar with Slack; I didn’t want the pushback from replacing it.”“Microsoft Teams is bundled for
Steve Loynes
2021: It's been a busy year for Element!
From time to time it’s worth stepping back and looking at progress.
Amandine Le Pape
Element One - all of Matrix, WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram in one place
Element One is here. Bring your WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram chats into Element.
Steve Loynes
EMS launches Matrix bridging for Signal
Element Matrix Services (EMS) now offers a fully-managed bridge for Signal.
Steve Loynes
Spaces blast out of beta
Spaces rethink grouping rooms and people, fundamentally improving Element and Matrix to better group conversations instead of viewing all rooms all of the time.
Nad Chishtie
EMS launches fully managed Matrix bridging for WhatsApp
Element Matrix Services (EMS) now offers a fully-managed bridge for WhatsApp.
Steve Loynes
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