A new sense of security

Giving you the freedom to communicate on your own terms.

In the internet of the future, we will all be in our element.

Element is a decentralized and flexible communications platform, built on the Matrix open standard, that gives people and organizations the independence to communicate with confidence.

Element is ushering in the next era of the internet by bringing a new sense of security to the world. From government to self-governance, we invite everyone to be in your element.

We deliver independence and ownership, letting users choose how they host their communication. We keep data ownership and control in the hands of our users. We’re committed to an open standard; so people can communicate with anyone they choose.

Amandine Le Pape, COO at Element and co-founder of Matrix
Amandine Le Pape (COO) and Matthew Hodgson (CEO) at Element and co-founders of Matrix.org

Widespread surveillance, vendor lock-in, and predatory algorithms have left everyone – from individuals to government – feeling overexposed and insecure in how they communicate and collaborate, stunting our progress as a society.

Matthew Hodgson, CEO at Element and co-founder of Matrix
Amandine Le Pape (COO) and Matthew Hodgson (CEO) at Element and co-founders of Matrix.org

We live in an increasingly volatile world, compounded by fractured and untrustworthy communication siloes.

Element is a secure communication and collaboration platform that ensures trust by putting its users in complete control.

It combines the best of email, collaboration and messaging to improve productivity and security across governments, businesses, and their respective partner ecosystems.

Government and public sector need secure, data sovereign and resilient real time communication to protect lives, ensure progress, deliver faster and operate efficiently.

Enterprises and businesses need secure and resilient real time communication across their entire ecosystem to improve productivity, protect against external threats and ensure compliance.


Element gives an organization complete ownership and control of its data. It also ensures network resilience, which is ideal for mission-critical environments.


Break down communication silos using the native interoperability of Matrix.

End-to-end encrypted.

Unlike email and traditional collaboration systems, Element is end-to-end encrypted and yet still gives organizations oversight of its communications.

Open standard.

Being built on an open standard, Element enables organizations to retain independence, avoid vendor lock-in and usher in the future of communication.


The Element app is powerful, flexible and easy-to-use; employees actually want to use it to collaborate productively in real time.

A new sense of security.

Having complete control over your communications creates a new sense of security by giving everyone the freedom and security to determine the way they communicate and collaborate.

A customizable platform, with a customizable app.

Work in the moment, and communicate with confidence, with everyone in your network.

Be in your element.

A secure communications platform built around you.