Flexibility between on-premise or fully-managed in the cloud, with additional collaboration add-ons and bridges available.

From $3 per monthly active user
The app, including
  • Unlimited E2EE messaging
  • Voice and video calls
  • Voice messages
  • Read receipts
Bridge your existing communication
$0.50 per remote monthly active user
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From $4 per monthly active user
The app, plus
  • 99.9% uptime SLA
  • Data retention policies
  • Managed deployment protocol
  • Select your hosting region
Optional add-ons
  • Antivirus
  • Auditing for compliance
  • Customised mobile app
  • Border gateways
Bridge your existing communication
$0.50 per remote monthly active user
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Cloud 5
On-premise 250
Cloud 25
On-premise 250

Minimum users


Monthly billing


Annual billing

Collaboration and messaging

Unlimited E2EE messaging

Direct messages and group chats are end-to-end encrypted by default. There is no limit on the amount of messages that you can send or receive.

Voice and video calls

Unlimited 1:1, group voice and video calls, including screen sharing. All E2EE by default.

Voice messages

Send an audio recording of your message rather than typing it.

Private and public rooms

Private rooms can be joined by invitation only. Public rooms can be made discoverable in the search bar.

Read receipts

See when messages are received and read.

For Web, Android, iOS, macOS, Windows & Linux

A single user account can be used across multiple devices, with support for Web, Android, iOS, macOS, Windows and Linux

Spaces to organise conversations

Enable admins and selected users to create organisation-wide chat room structures. Spaces are fully integrated with delegated authentication for ID and access permissions. Relevant in-room widgets, auditing and moderation can also be seamlessly added.

Language preference

Available in 60 languages, including English, French, German and Spanish.


Keep topics together for easier management of conversations and projects.

Export chats

Admins can download in-room conversation and export it to HTML, plain text and JSON formats.


E2EE by default for 1:1 and group messaging

End-to-end encryption is default. Configuration options can enable the creation of non-encrypted chat rooms.

Cross-signed device verification

Easily verify devices and conversation participants using a QR code or emoji string.

Multiple devices per account

Use a single user account across multiple devices with a consistent experience. Support for Web, Android, iOS, macOS, Windows & Linux.

Secure login

Choose to secure the Element app with a PIN or biometrics.

Available as an add-on

Antivirus for E2EE environment

An option for enterprises to implement server-side content scanning, for their own deployment, to support antivirus.

Enterprise functionality


Delegated authentication

Integrate with Single Sign-On (SSO) providers like MS Active Directory / LDAP, SAML(2), OIDC and CAS.


Group sync (includes delegated authentication)

Automatically create and manage Spaces, rooms and user access according to policy definitions stored in backends like LDAP, MS Graph API and SCIM.

Admin interface

Powerful web-based UI for admins to configure and manage a deployment.

Installer (On-premise)

Automate on-premise deployment and updates, following our best practices. Includes Synapse configuration and usage, bug fixes and enterprise add-ons.

Customised web app

Including branding and domain name.

Available as an add-on

Customised mobile app

Element will build the app for you and manage it in the corresponding stores. Enable/block app features as required.

SLA for on-premise deployments

1 business day
High severity - 1 business hour
Medium severity - 3 business hours
Low severity - 1 business day

SLA for cloud deployments

99.9% uptime.

Single-tenant hosting

Dedicated infrastructure for 500+ seats


Data retention policies

Set your own data retention rules for message data.


Mobile security pack

Includes support for: EMM/MDM, Mandatory PIN or biometrics app lock, mandatory server-side key backup, jailbreak detection, in-app camera and PDF reader, content-sharing controls, and the ability to enable/block a range of app features including voice/video calling.

Available as an add-on

Audit bots for regulation or compliance

Deploy visible in-room audit bots to capture an official record of discussion and decision-making for regulation and compliance purposes.

Available as an add-on

Admin bot

Visible in-room admin bots can join rooms so that the administrator can perform admin tasks in the corresponding room (in case the original user leaves, for instance).

Available as an add-on

Content scanner

An option for enterprises to add server-side content scanning (including attachments) to their deployment to support antivirus and data loss prevention.

Support for GDPR compliance

Administration tools such as account deletion, chat exports and Spaces level permissions allow for enterprises to use Element in a way which supports their GDPR compliance journey.




Embedded live chat client, built on Matrix; on-premise or as a hosted service, with full E2EE.

Pricing is $0.80 per Monthly Active User. MAU is defined as the number of external individuals (typically customers or partners) using Chatterbox during the month. Cost is based on MAU only, not the volume of messages sent.


Connect DMs or group discussions between Element and other collaboration/messaging apps. Pricing is $0.50 per Remote Monthly Active User. RMAU is defined as the number of individuals sending messages across the bridge from a non-Element platform within a given month (sending from the Element side of the bridge is free).

Cost is based on RMAU only, not the volume of messages sent. Total RMAU can be capped to control cost.


Microsoft Teams














Migration tools for Slack, Rocket.Chat and Matrix

Automated migration for easy set up.

Widgets (web apps embedded in-room)

Enrich the in-room experience by adding widgets to support information sharing and real time decision-making (from Grafana to Google Calendar).

Data sovereignty and portability

No vendor lock-in

Element is built on the Matrix open standard. Migrating to another hosting provider, or moving on-premise, is a simple DNS switch. It’s just as easy to switch to another Matrix-based app too. So there’s no vendor lock-in, or loss of historic data.

Custom DNS

Set up Element with your own custom web client domain (, server domain ( and user IDs (


Select your hosting region

Element Enterprise Cloud allows you to select your hosting region (Europe, Asia, US, Australia).

Open connectivity

Open standard for secure interoperability

Element is built on Matrix, an open standard protocol, so it’s natively interoperable with any other Matrix-based platform.

That makes it easy to connect with external parties and protects against vendor lock-in, giving enterprises the freedom to switch where their data is hosted or even the app itself.

Open source

Element and Matrix are open source; anyone is invited to examine the code. It also ensures there’s a vibrant ecosystem developing alternatives, add-ons and extensions.

Internal only closed federation

Closed federation is one or multiple homeservers that are interconnected to create a private network for a single organisation. Only users within this private network can exchange messages.

Closed federation for an ecosystem

Closed federation can support multiple homeservers that are interconnected across multiple organisations; such as a conglomerate, supply chain or ecosystem. Users can join on an invite-only basis, complete with powerful identity and access controls.

Open federation

Even though a private federation is completely isolated, there is a free, public Matrix-based federation with millions of users across thousands of servers. It offers a secure messaging and VoIP solution for reaching the wider public.

Border gateways

Bring an extra layer of security and control when federating internally, across an ecosystem or even - if desired - the wider public Matrix network.

Available as an add-on

Cross-domain gateways

Cross-domain gateways enable connectivity between Matrix-based deployments, including private environments, while maintaining a high level of security. It supports communications between high-side and low-side environments, with configurable rules-based access.

Available as an add-on

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