Your setup

Element Server Suite for enterprise functionality.

Element Server Suite (ESS) is a professional backend for Matrix-based communications that supports self-hosted and fully managed deployments.

It provides enterprise-grade functionality such as advanced identity and access management, auditing and moderation to ensure complete admin control over large Matrix-based deployments. ESS supports all Matrix frontends, and can operate open, secured or air-gapped networks in public or private federations with other Matrix servers. ESS is available on a subscription basis.

It all starts with Admin Console.

This is the ‘single pane of glass’ through which customers manage their deployment of Element.

It’s through Admin Console that customers interact with their homeserver and access the enterprise-grade functionality within Element Server Suite. It gives customers the performance and flexibility needed to be in their Element.

Get it.

Fast deployment.

Whether self-hosted or cloud, everything centers around a homeserver: a highly-polished and stable version of Synapse, a server that processes your data. Setting one up is a breeze with our graphical installer. This is a step-by-step wizard which means customers don’t have to rely on command line prompts (unless you want to!).

Choose between self-hosting (either on-premise or in your private cloud) or using Element’s cloud hosting service. Then configure everything to meet your organization’s specific needs…

Configure it.

Easy access.

Make logging in simple and secure with your preferred single sign-on (SSO) system with Identity and Access Management.

Role-based permissions.

Manage employees’ access controls according to existing internal directories using our Advanced Identity and Access Management.

Information assurance.

Capture an official record of conversations for regulation and compliance through Auditing capabilities.

Admin controls.

Ensure corporate oversight and management of chat rooms and conversation through administrator Moderating capabilities.

Connect it.


Connect your workforce and platforms together with Bridges to avoid jumping between apps. Available for IRC, XMPP and Webhooks.

Secure Border Gateways.

Secure a private Matrix network for a large organisation, or underpin an entire federated ecosystem that spans multiple organizations with Secure Border Gateways.

Cross Domain Solutions.

Securely link deployments across high-side and low-side environments, with configurable rules-based access using Cross Domain Solutions.

Enterprise expertise.

Build your use case, start your deployment and ensure support.

Admin in your element.

Oversight and control at your fingertips.