Your data

The Matrix standard for independence and ownership.

Element is transforming organizations with Matrix: the open standard for secure, decentralized real time communications.


Run your communications free from vendor lock-in.


Seamlessly communicate across organizations and platforms.


Protect the confidentiality and availability of your information.

An image of Amandine Le Pape (COO) and Matthew Hodgson (CEO) at Element and co-founders of

Built on Matrix.

The creators of Matrix also lead Element.
Matthew and Amandine, and the team around them, are the driving force behind a new era of secure and open communication.

Data sovereignty.

Improve your cybersecurity posture and compliance while protecting against vendor lock-in and third party compromises.

71%* of global technology decision makers see the value in establishing data sovereignty for their organizations.

Element builds on the Matrix open standard to ensure data sovereignty.

* The Future of Secure Communications a report conducted on Element's behalf by Forrester Consulting

Native interoperability.

Organizations are prioritizing real time communications with their external partners to replace email and increase productivity.

All Matrix-based apps are interoperable, similar to how email clients interoperate, and just as easy for employees.


Element brings enterprise-grade functionality to the secure Matrix protocol. It offers the oversight and control you’d expect of a corporate application across an end-to-end encrypted environment that includes messaging, attachments, voice and video.

Forrester’s Wave: Secure Communications 2022 positions Element as a leader and a great fit for “...organizations that prioritize flexibility, federation, and data sovereignty”. (source)

Open source.

Open source software allows anyone to access, inspect and build on the code base which drives innovation and improves security.

Matrix has an exploding, vibrant ecosystem enabling you to benefit from both the openness of FOSS and the convenience of enterprise-ready solutions to help you unlock and secure your communications.

Trusted by secure organizations.

Element works with a number of large multinational corporations as well as government organizations all over the world, including NATO, Space Force, the French Government and the German Bundeswehr.

Independent in your element.

A new sense of security to protect the world’s progress.