We believe that private conversations are a fundamental human right.

We are for choice, privacy and open standards.
Help us in our mission to make communication better for everyone.

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Company photo wall showing both onsite work and outdoor activities pictures.Company photo wall showing both onsite work and outdoor activities pictures.
Why work with us?

We are an ethical, responsible company that seeks to do good in the world through open communications.

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Work on something that matters

We believe that the future of communication should be open and decentralised. We want the Matrix protocol to have the same impact in the next 50 years as email had in the previous 50.

Work in the open

Almost all of the software written at Element is open source and will be freely available. You will be supported not only by your colleagues but by a vast community just as passionate about the project as you are.

Work on something that has never been done before

Our work is on the bleeding edge and is the subject of independent academic research yet already trusted by millions, including governments, emergency services and disaster recovery organisations.

Work with everyone

Our products are for everyone and we know we cannot succeed without a diverse team. Our hiring process is designed to give candidates the best possible chance to show us what they can do. If we ever fall down on this, please let us know.

Work in a culture to be proud of

We are in this for the long term. We work hard to provide a cohesive and supportive culture so that you can develop your skills and careers for the long term.

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You Belong Here

We are trying to change the world for the better but we can’t do it alone.

Aligned on a mission

We exist because we believe in an open web for communications. Anyone should be able to talk to anyone.

Element (and Matrix) are born out of the desire to change the status quo. The night before we created Element, we mapped out the sort of company we wanted to build: one based on fun, experimentation, a desire to change the world and to have the freedom to find a good work-life balance. That has been our motto ever since, and we’re constantly adapting to ensure this is the reality.

From the founders through to every layer of the company it's rare to work with as unique a mix of ambition, ability, candour and humility. I’m always learning new things, and I love our no blame culture which enables us to take and deliver on risks most other places wouldn’t.

Element aims to create an inclusive environment for all our employees and members of the Matrix community. For instance our grassroots LGBTIAQ+ group provides a meeting place and support network for our Queer staff, while giving a voice to this historically underrepresented group as part of our product development lifecycle.

It's really encouraging to feel like you are a part of something greater than yourself. I feel empowered to learn, research and find new ways of dealing with problems — I have learned something new every day since starting, and don't see any signs of it stopping any time soon!

My dream was always to work in a company that is open source by heart. Open source is not just a product here. Open source is something that people at Element breathe.

I joined Element to be part of the solution to the ever increasing need for privacy conscious communications. We are building a Free/Libre software platform which people can have confidence in.

You Belong Here

We are trying to change the world for the better but we can’t do it alone.

Come Join Us