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Forrester's 2022 Now Tech report on secure communications platforms includes Element
Forrester's Now Tech: Secure Communications, Q2 2022 report includes Element. The report helps enterprises build the business case for secure communications.
Steve Loynes
Our Enterprise Installer makes deploying Element on-premise easier than ever
Our new improved installer makes deploying Element On-premise easier than ever!
Karl Abbott
A white label messaging app to create your own brand messenger
Want a secure custom branded web-based messenger, but don’t want to pay a fortune? You can have exactly that using Element Cloud, from just $15 per month! via GIPHY A branded Element web app is ideal for organisations and communities who want all the benefits of open and secure
Paulina Lundin
Secure collaboration for cybersecurity teams
Imagine being a CISO, hauled into a boardroom, and asked: “Why is your team using a collaboration tool that isn’t even end-to-end encrypted?” Where would you go with that? “The team is familiar with Slack; I didn’t want the pushback from replacing it.”“Microsoft Teams is bundled for
Steve Loynes
Element is best on-premise alternative as Skype for Business Server hits EOL
A guide to on-premise alternatives as Skype for Business Server nears End of Life.
Steve Loynes
EMS launches bridging for Microsoft Teams
After offering bridges to Discord, Slack and Telegram, Element Matrix Services (EMS) is now launching Microsoft Teams Bridging.
Steve Loynes
EMS announces full availability of Slack Bridging
Fully managed Slack Bridging lets EMS customers bring their Slack users straight into the open Matrix network
Steve Loynes

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