Get hacking with Element and Gitter

Element is the ultimate way to openly collaborate with other developers over the open Matrix network, whether they’re natively in Matrix or connected via IRC, Gitter, Slack, Discord, or elsewhere.

We’re also incredibly proud to support Gitter, the only developer-focused chat platform, who will shortly be joining Matrix too!

Built by developers, for developers

As a large open source project with contributors from all over the world, we’ve used Element to create Element and Matrix over the years, and we’ve made it the developer chat platform we’ve always dreamed of.  You can swap code snippets with full markdown support, full syntax highlighting, hook in all the bots and bridges you can imagine, view the JSON source of all your messages, view the diffs of edited messages, run your own server, switch to any other Matrix client (e.g. weechat!) and generally have total control of your conversations.  All of Element’s functionalities are exposed via Matrix as one big open standard API; the sky’s the limit.

Element ♥️ Gitter

Gitter is the only chat platform focused specifically on developers, and at Element we’re very proud to be the custodians of the project - supporting the thousands of projects who rely on Gitter to collaborate today. Gitter has many amazing features that have yet to come to Element - whether it’s instant launch time, instant room previews, full KaTeX support for maths collaboration, search-engine-friendly archives or threads! Gitter and Element users can talk today via Matrix over a bridge, and in the near future Gitter will natively speak Matrix too.

Defragment your community

It’s not just Gitter who Element users can connect with - bridges exist to connect through to anywhere on IRC, Slack, Discord, Telegram and more. If you witnessed your open source project’s community disintegrate as it fragmented across different proprietary walled gardens… Matrix is the answer, and Element is the perfect portal to bring all those conversations back in one place again.

Bots gone wild

Matrix is one big API, and has new bots and bridges emerging faster than we can count. Many can be hosted and deployed via Element Matrix Services into your chatrooms, or you can always easily run them yourself. Sending a message in the Matrix network can be as simple as sending a POST request. With bot frameworks and client SDKs available for JavaScript, Python, Rust, Java, .NET, Ruby, Elixir, Perl5, Raku, Haxe… there’s something for everyone. Meanwhile Widgets let you embed any webapp you can think of into your Matrix rooms - building up everything from grafana dashboards to jitsi conferences and embedded etherpads to get everyone on the same page.

IRC on steroids

Before there was Matrix, there was IRC. The Element team grew up on IRC, and the earliest stages of Matrix and Element were bootstrapped via IRC. One of Matrix’s goals is to be the worthy successor for IRC - a world with one global network, where anyone can run a server, with native end-to-end encryption, where you can send any form of data you like: effectively the missing communication layer of the open Web. We’re happy to say that IRC lives on, but with Matrix you can talk IRC… and more.

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