Setting up a homeserver is easy.

Build a home for your communication data.

Element Homeserver

On your marks, get set up.

Go ahead and create a home for all your real-time communications data. The homeserver is where you house your users and data, and it is preconfigured for enterprise use.

Whether self-hosted or cloud, everything starts with a homeserver - that’s why we’ve made building them easy!


Choose a hosting preference and register your admin account by visiting
hosting types, self-hosted or Fully-managed in the cloud.

Price plans.

The Business plan ensures secure communications across your organization.

The Enterprise plan gives you greater flexibility and powerful enterprise functionality.
hosting plans

Users and domain.

Tell us how many end-users you’re supporting, and choose your domain name.
Enter users and domain name.

Homeserver location.

When self-hosting, your homeservers can be located wherever you want within your organization’s IT estate.

With our cloud hosting service, our Business plan region is automatically selected for you. On our Enterprise plan customers can choose from a number of hosting locations: Stockholm, London, Frankfurt, etc.

Most other messaging apps don’t provide this level of control! ;)
Homeserver location dropdown

Payment details.

Enter your payment details to confirm the order. Please note customers can only request invoice-based payment for orders over $5,000.
Enter your payment details


Now we start to build you a home, a homeserver to be precise. It doesn’t take long… Just long enough to grab a coffee!
homeserver building


Afterwards you can configure the settings to suit your requirements. All of the settings from this point onwards can be edited after you log into the Admin Console.
Homeserver settings such as authorised accounts, public registration and federation.


And hey presto! There you have it: a secure home for your communications.
completed setup!

Admin in your element.

Oversight and control at your fingertips.