Free, secure messaging.

Element lets you choose where your messages are stored, putting you in control of your data.

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Element App displaying text, voice and video chat.

You're in control.

  • Choose where your data lives
  • No phone number required
  • No ads, no tracking or datamining
  • Structure people, groups and communities

No limits.

  • Talk to anyone, not just those in Element
  • Unlimited calls, video and messages
  • Create unlimited number of rooms
  • No room size limits

Secure encrypted messaging.

Your conversations stay private with default end-to-end encryption, cross-signed device verification and decentralisation to let you choose where your data lives.

Create an account without a phone number, so you don’t have to share those details with the outside world.

Phone screen showing verification for a direct message contact.Phone screen displaying emoji that match

Element is unique.


Own your data

Choose where your data is kept, or host it yourself, instead of being forced to use the app’s own server.


Element is natively interoperable with any other Matrix based app.

End-to-end encrypted by default

So that the server(s) can’t see your data.

Cross-signed device verification

Ensure other users are genuine, without having to verify each login.

Keep your mobile number private

Create your account with a username; a mobile number is optional.