Choose your Element.

The Element app is free.

When it comes to choosing where to host your data (your conversations), and extras such as bridging, there are free and paid options.

Free hosting
Self-host or use a free public server.

    Free bridging services
    Manage your own bridging using open source options.
      The Element app includes
      • Unlimited end-to-end encrypted messages
      • Unlimited voice and video
      • Choose where to keep your data to protect against data mining and adverts
      • Interoperability with other Matrix-based apps
      • No bridging included, but available via open source
      Get Element
      Fast hosting and bridged
      A single account, hosted by Element with bridging included to WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram.
        Three unlimited bridges included.
          The Element app, plus
          • One account with unlimited bridging to WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram
          • Fast hosting from an Element dedicated server
          • Fully managed service for speed and ease
          • Stay in Element while messaging friends in WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram
          Get Element One
          $5 per month for one user