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Make your conversations more fun or productive with our bridges, bots and widgets.


Bridges mean that you can remain in your Element while talking to people stuck in other proprietary walled gardens, or on a different network.

Slack. Connect Matrix rooms and Slack channels together

IRC. Dynamically bridge IRC channels & synchronise user-lists.

Gitter. Connects a Gitter channel into a Matrix room.

Contact us to find out about additional bridges which may be available soon, or as an add-on for your Element Matrix Services server.


Bots interact with third-party applications directly from Element. They sit in your rooms to listen and respond to your command. Use them to boost productivity or add to the fun.

Google image search. Search for any image online, from within Element.

Giphy. Invoke Giphy to produce the most appropriate GIF in your chat.

Guggy. Turn your text into personalised GIFs.

Github. Puppet your Github account straight from your chat room.

RSS Bot. Get your RSS feed straight into your chat room.

Imgur Image Search. Search Imgur for relevant images without leaving Element.

Travis CL. Receive all your builds results straight into the discussion, for the best efficiency.

Wikipedia. Search Wikipedia without leaving Element.

Contact us to find out about additional bots which may be available soon, or that you may want as an add-on.


Widgets embed full-blown interactive apps into your rooms. Everyone in a room can access them - helping you share or collaborate around the same material.

Etherpad. For shared note taking.

Grafana. The must-have for any devops: all your dashboard straight in Element.

Google calendar. Share your calendar within Element.

Jitsi. Free unlimited video and voice conferences, alongside your chat.

Spotify. Control your music straight from Element.

Stickerpack. Make your chat more fun with stickers.

Youtube. Watch videos together, without leaving your chat.

Ethercalc. Embed editable spreadsheets.

TradingView. Keep an eye on your exchange rates while working from Element.

Contact us to find out about additional widgets which may be available soon, or that you may want as an add-on.

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