Corporate oversight and management of your organization’s conversations.

An admin moderating messages and inviting/removing users

What is Moderating?

Moderating enables an organization to administer all rooms from a central point. It is achieved through the customer using a ‘moderator’ account on their homeserver which is automatically given top level permissions. The moderator capability provides admin rights in every room. The moderator account is visible to all end users to ensure transparency.

This ‘server-side’ access gives an organization complete oversight, and ensures the organization remains in full control of its deployment.
Once configured moderating can be carried out in all rooms.

How does Moderating help you?

  • Use Moderator rights if the only admin user leaves the room.
  • Remove unwanted messages and uploaded files.
  • Change a room’s title and description.
  • Remove users from a room.
  • Invite users to any room.
  • Close a room.

Moderating capabilities are included in the Enterprise and Sovereign subscriptions.

Admin in your element.

Oversight and control at your fingertips.