Powered by the decentralised Matrix network.

Element takes full advantage of the Matrix open standard. Much of what Matrix enables is possible because, like the web itself, it is decentralised.

Decentralisation enables data sovereignty, delivering data ownership and control for both on-premise and cloud deployments.

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What is a decentralised network?

Matrix is a decentralised network which means, much like the web, there is no central point of control or authority. A company can simply host its own server and participate in the Matrix network.

Decentralisation is the foundation that gives companies more independence over their collaboration; data ownership, better privacy and security, a more robust and resilient communications infrastructure and huge scalability.

What are the benefits of a
decentralised network?

Data ownership and privacy

Companies retain full sovereignty of their data which, combined with end-to-end encryption, ensures there is no third-party access. It eliminates the dangers of data mining, routine surveillance and the threat of vendor-side malicious insiders.


Decentralisation, combined with end-to-end encryption, is a zero-trust approach to collaboration - free from a single point of vulnerability. Safely outside of a vendor-owned system, it also sidesteps the risk of cyberattacks that deliberately target a centralised honeypot.

Robust and resilient

Centralised networks have single points of failure, vulnerabilities and weak spots. Decentralisation offers improved robustness and resilience; the network is better protected against outages and enjoys the self-healing properties of the internet.


The ability to self-host means that a company retains full ownership and control of its data. With Matrix also being an open standard a company is able to easily change hosting providers, move on-premise or swap other Matrix-based solutions.

Powerful federation

Matrix can power nationwide and global deployments. It allows each participating organisation to host its own data, while being able to join a huge federated network.

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Matrix is an open network for secure, decentralised communication, connecting 80M+ users over 80K+ deployments.