Organise enterprise chat rooms using Spaces.

Spaces enable Admins to build out enterprise-wide chat room hierarchies, complete with relevant in-room widgets, auditing and moderation; all fully integrated with Single Sign-On Systems for ID and permissions.

Team leads and individuals can also create their own room structures, giving everyone the ability to manage their discussions in the way that works best for them.

What are the benefits of Spaces?

Spaces is Element’s Silver Bullet for Admins! It allows Admins to structure enterprise chat rooms for employees and teams in a logical hierarchy, similar to a shared folder system.

Integrated with Single Sign-On, employees can be assigned specific permissions to access each Space.

And if desired, Spaces can be shared externally, improving coordination and productivity with customers, partners and the supply chain.

How do Spaces work?

  • Create enterprise-wide chat room hierarchies with Spaces and Subspaces

  • Element integrates with existing systems including LDAP and SAML, for ID management and access control.

  • Admins can use bots and Server-side functionality to manage their E2EE environment.

  • Spaces and Subspaces to build hierarchies effectively turns Matrix into a global decentralised file system for conversations and other real-time data.

Discover additional enterprise functionality.

Control and configuration options give Admins the freedom to structure Element to best suit the organisation. Configure the functionality of the Element app, and a whole heap of options around authentication, permissions, auditing and moderation.

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