Matrix infrastructure from Element Matrix Services.

Element Matrix Services (EMS) is a robust and reliable hosting service for fast, secure real time communication.

The world’s largest Matrix-based hosting platform.

Designed to support organisations of all sizes, from just five people through to huge public communities and companies communicating with millions of customers.

Run by the experts

EMS is run by the experts who created Matrix, keeping you at the cutting edge of Matrix hosting capabilities.

Multi-tenant or dedicated hosting

EMS offers multi-tenant (from 5 users) and dedicated hosting (from 500 users with Element Enterprise Cloud), with a wide range of additional services.

Custom domains

You own your data and can easily migrate to self-hosting or use an alternative hosting provider.

End-to-end encryption

We can not access your users’ encrypted data or their conversations. So you know there’s no data mining and no third-party access.

Trusted by millions.

Matrix is an open network for secure, decentralised communication, connecting 60M+ users over 80K+ deployments.

Governed by The Foundation, the Matrix protocol is an open standard with open source implementations, supporting a vibrant developer ecosystem. Element was founded by the team behind Matrix as a way to bring it to the mainstream.