All the benefits of self-hosting. Done for you.

Run by the experts who created Matrix using our very latest best practices.

Modular customers please note: Element Matrix Services (EMS) is the new name for Modular. Existing users can log in here.

Element Matrix Services (EMS) delivers:

Robust and scalable performance

Run by the experts who created Matrix using our very latest best practices.

Corporate readiness

With compliance, integrations, bridges, widgets and audit bots.

Data sovereignty

With full portability, your own DNS, no vendor lock-in and hosted in geographies of your choice.

Open messaging for your entire ecosystem

Instantly connecting to an unlimited number of people and organisations.

Secure messenger & collaboration

End-to-end encryption, cross-signed device verification and decentralisation for data ownership.

Element Matrix Services cannot view or access your data

Own your conversations on the world’s largest Matrix hosting platform.

Get an instant, robust and reliable hosting service for your secure messaging and team collaboration. A literal ‘set-and-forget’ as our dedicated Matrix hosting platform is continuously updated.

Designed to support the smallest of deployments (from just five people) through to the largest of enterprises, complete with custom consultancy and support if required.

Stay in control of your secure messaging and collaboration

Retain complete control of your conversations; you can choose the geographical location of your data, use your existing domain name and even port your data elsewhere if you wish.

Element Matrix Services cannot access your conversations; true decentralised end-to-end encryption means only the devices involved in the conversation can decrypt the data.

Ensure compliance; you make all the critical decisions around data residency, legal jurisdictions, retention policies, audit bots, authentications and integrations.

Transparency; open source technology means you know exactly what you’re getting, including fully audited end-to-end encryption.

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