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A secure communication and collaboration platform.

Be comfortable in your element.

Synchronised devices

Stay up to date on your desktop, tablet and smartphone.

Customise your messenger

Choose dark or light themes, opt for chat bubbles or other layouts, tailor your notifications; set preferences around the composer, presence, accessibility and more.

Voice and video calls

Use Element for voice and video calls, including conferencing, voice messages, DMs and group discussions.

Work in real time

Share files, polls, threads, read receipts, location sharing.

Editable messages

Communicate clearly and quickly with bold, italics, strike-throughs, embedded links and emojis!

Be productive in your element.

Email alternative

Stay in Element when collaborating or messaging with external partners - even if they are using a different collaboration tool or messaging app.

Powerful widgets

Create your own productivity-boosting dashboards to make you - and your teams - more effective.


Use webhooks to send in-room commands to third party apps, share code snippets and style with markdown.

Share live data

In-room data helps productivity and decision-making, with Single Sign-On allowing a single-click jump into an enterprise application.

Organise spaces

Create and organise chat rooms hierarchies for teams and yourself.

Be secure in your element.

Manage discussions

Manage an end-to-end encrypted communication platform, with the same oversight and control as corporate email.

Data ownership

Choose where and how your data is hosted, ensuring your data sovereignty.

Internal and external communication

Federate across multiple parts of the organisation, and across the supply chain.

Custom functionality

Configure Element to suit your company’s requirements (and specific teams’) security profile.


Enterprise-grade record keeping, retention and rules-based functionality to ensure compliance.

Open source

Open standard and data exporting with no vendor lock-in.

Be in your element.

Secure communication and collaboration.

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Matrix is an open network for secure, decentralised communication, connecting 80M+ users over 80K+ deployments.