Mission critical communications for utilities providers.

Element provides critical national infrastructure with secure and resilient real time communication across their entire ecosystem to protect against external threats, improve productivity and ensure compliance.

A screenshot of element depicting mission-critical communications between utilities coordinators and technicians, who are dicussing an incident on a video call, while making notes in room via a widget.
  • Data sovereignty for ownership and control
  • Unite the office and field-based workforces
  • End-to-end encrypted for secure communication
  • Decentralised for increased network resilience
  • Federation to secure your supply chain discussion
  • Built for mission critical and air-gapped environments

Secure and resilient communications.

In an increasingly volatile world, critical national infrastructure (CNI) and utilities providers need to ensure secure and resilient real time communication. Element protects against cyberattacks, and ensures reliable mission critical communication during natural or malicious disasters.

Communicate with confidence

Communicate quickly and safely.

Download our info sheet to learn about the six ways Element is the right communication solution for critical infrastructure and utilities providers.

  • Cascade mission critical messages in real time
  • Unify a hybrid workforce and secure the supply chain
  • Ownership and sovereignty of your data
  • Flexibility and availability
  • Compliance to suit your regulatory obligations
  • Secure communications to improve productivity

Element supports cyber resilience best practice.


  • The NIST Cybersecurity Framework (US)
  • The National Cybersecurity Assessment Framework Tool (EU)
  • The NCSC Cyber Assessment Framework (UK)


  • PPD-21 (US)
  • NIS2 Directive (EU)
  • NIS (UK)

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For large organizations who want to see how Element provides secure, real time communications.

Built for Transmission System Operators (TSOs).

The European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity uses Element for its critical communication

ENTSO-E (European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity) logo
Forrester report featuring Element

The Wave™: Secure Communications, Q3 2022.

Compare the top 12 secure communications providers and learn why Element receives the highest score possible in 14 criteria.


Unpacking the latest Secure Comms Wave.

Watch our CEO Matthew discussing how enterprise IT leaders can make better secure communication decisions ft. guests from Hexagon and Forrester.

Built for mission critical environments.

Element is a modern alternative for secure and resilient communications that combines the best of email, traditional collaboration tools and messaging apps.

It is based on a decentralised open standard that delivers data sovereignty, outstanding network resilience and easy connectivity between multiple organisations. The entire platform is end-to-end encrypted, including voice and video.

Decentralisation for network resilience
Data sovereign for ownership and control
Open standard based interoperability
Self-hosted or fully managed deployments
End-to-end encrypted for security
Separate network for incident response
Enterprise functionality
Real time comms, including voice and video

Element for secure and resilient communications.


The entire Element platform is end-to-end encrypted by default - including voice, video, messages and attachments. Third parties are unable to view data even if a server or network is compromised. 

Organisations choose where and how to host their Element deployment, ensuring they retain complete ownership and control of their data. It eliminates the dangers of data mining, routine surveillance and the threat of vendor-side malicious insiders.


Element provides resilient real time communications as it is based on Matrix, an open network for secure decentralised communications.

Being decentralised there is no central point of control within the network. If one server goes down, other servers on the network can continue to send/receive messages.

It ensures robust and resilient communications, built on the self-healing properties of the internet.

Secure the supply chain.

Utilities companies typically have a distributed workforce, and complex supply chain ecosystems. Messages need to be trusted and shared securely between internal teams, external suppliers, regulators, even members of the public.

Element can support closed federation of servers with restricting access to only trusted parties.

Secure border gateways can enforce rules-based networking, and support air-gapped networks

Cross domain gateways provide a hardware solution which further ensures data can be trusted as it passes from low to high side networks.

Secure communication trusted by governments

Jérôme Ploquin, DINUM, French government

"Element gives us messaging and collaboration that is secure, and contains the right feature set for 300,000 public administration users. Matrix is technically advanced, proven and mature."

Case study

Martin Kaloudis, Chief Executive Officer, BWI GmbH [Bundeswehr]

“In addition to the benefits that the solution offers us in terms of security, scalability and development, it also contributes to the digital sovereignty of the Bundeswehr.”

Case study

Be in your element.

Mission critical communications for utilities providers.

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Built on Matrix

Matrix is an open network for secure, decentralised communication, connecting 80M+ users over 80K+ deployments.