Make WhatsApp enterprise compliant.

  • Data sovereignty for compliance
  • Supports SSO, group sync, audit and admin bots
  • Available on-premise and cloud
  • Integrates with WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram

The flexibility to solve messaging app compliance.

Element brings compliance to messaging app based conversations, with enough flexibility to suit users, their clients and the enterprise.

  • 1

    Employees get a consumer style messaging app, with powerful collaboration functionality, that integrates with Single Sign-On systems for ID and access management.
  • 2

    Employee conversations are end-to-end encrypted, with a visible in-room audit bot acting as a participant to ensure compliance.
  • 3

    Clients and partners can use a free version of the Element app for compliant end-to-end encrypted messaging.
  • 4

    Alternatively clients can remain in their preferred app, with their conversation bridged back into the enterprise's Element platform.
  • 5

    And whatever the setup, the enterprise can host all messaging discussions; both on-premise and in the cloud.

The best of all worlds, and a little bit more...

Like the best consumer messaging apps, Element is fast, easy-to-use and end-to-end encrypted. It offers voice and video calls, voice messages, read receipts and emojis.

It’s also a collaboration platform, able to support all sorts of productivity boosting integrations and data sharing. But unlike Slack and MS Teams, Element is a mobile-first app and end-to-end encrypted; it also enables an enterprise to host its own data.

And by being based on an open standard, Element also offers the easy connectivity of email even across multiple organisations.

Element's ROI.

Cost – from $5 per user per month

Saving – $200M fine for failure to maintain and preserve written communications

Bloomberg headline that reads "Morgan Stanley misuse of personal devices costs $200 Million"

Putting the workplace in control.

An organisation needs to be able to manage its messaging platform, in a similar way to how it manages the email system. Element uses delegated authentication and group sync to integrate with Single Sign-On systems, so admins can configure and manage an enterprise-wide messaging platform. 

Enterprise deployments of Element enable admins to create and manage organisation-wide chat room structures, as well as the ability to audit conversations and to protect work-related messaging with antivirus and data loss prevention. Admins can specify retention policies, and can even enable or block features within the app itself.

The Element app is free to download, so organisations with a complex workforce - such as outsourced or agency staff, contractors and freelancers - can be easily provisioned and deprovisioned.

An screen showing bank admins ability to integrate with delegated authentication systems and structure rooms with spaces.

Make your company compliant.

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Compliance in the real world.

Authorities such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) need written communications to be maintained and preserved.

Banning the use of WhatsApp and other consumer-grade messaging apps simply isn’t feasible as they have become ingrained and habitual.   

The fastest route to compliance needn't involve changing workers' habits. Employees can have the WhatsApp account on their work number bridged into the company’s Element platform. As the bridge necessarily decrypts the conversation, the bridge itself is hosted in a trusted environment; most likely self-hosted by the organisation or through Element’s own hosting solution. In control of its data, the company is able to set and maintain its own retention policies to meet its compliance requirements. 

Over time, employees can be encouraged to adopt the consumer style Element messaging app directly so they - and the company - can also benefit from Element’s powerful collaboration functionality.

On-demand webinar: Unpacking the latest Secure Communications Wave.

Watch our CEO Matthew discussing how enterprise IT leaders can make better secure communication decisions ft. guests from Hexagon and Forrester.

The most flexible collaboration platform.

Element gives you the best of messaging, collaboration and email.





Consumer-style easy to use messenger app

Interoperability into existing systems

Easy connectivity across an ecosystem

Flexible provisioning for large workforces

End-to-end encrypted by default

Available on-premise and in the cloud

Enterprise-grade functionalities

Data compliant with audit trail

Be in your element.

Secure communication and collaboration.

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