Secure Out of Band communications.

For classified discussion, business continuity and incident response.

  • Complete data ownership
  • Decentralised for network resilience
  • Separate network for incident response
  • Supports air-gapped environments
  • Protected by end-to-end encryption

What is an Out of Band solution.

Protect sensitive parts of the organisation

‘Secure enough’ isn’t true for the most sensitive parts of an organisation.

Prevent further damages from attacks

Incident response teams need an end-to-end encrypted platform on a separate network.

Don’t rely on consumer apps for backup

Business can’t fallback on consumer apps when the primarily communications platform fails.

Remain operational during global outages

A decentralised network delivers mission-critical performance.

Specialist teams
High security, mission-critical requirements

Majority of teams
Using ‘secure enough’ collaboration tools

Out of Band with that extra element.

Element is a powerful and flexible solution that can be configured for a range of use cases.

Incident response

Cybersecurity teams need to remain operational in the face of a cyber attack, so Element can be configured to run on a separate network. 

With powerful mobile and desktop clients, cybersecurity teams can collaborate in real time whenever and wherever they need.

Mission critical teams

Some parts of a company simply cannot be offline. Element is decentralised to ensure maximum availability for mission-critical performance.

Element also supports non-internet connected environments with a range of low bandwidth connectivity.

Air gapped

Highly sensitive operations may operate within an air-gapped environment so Element can be self-hosted to run as an isolated network.

Element also offers Secure Border Gateways and Cross-Domain Gateways to enforce rules-based networking to protect high-side environments.

On-demand webinar: Hexagon's Out of Band use case.

Watch the webinar with Hexagon talking about how they use Element as a secure and parallel Out of Band communication solution for incident response and high-security conscious teams.

Out of Band, not
Out of Control

Secure Out of Band communication has to support corporate requirements, otherwise it’s little better than using WhatApp or Signal. Organisations can configure Element for their needs, including corporate oversight, administration, record keeping for compliance and in-app functionality. If appropriate, Element can also be integrated with Single Sign-On systems.

An screen showing admins ability to integrate with delegated authentication systems and structure rooms with spaces.

Security conscious organisations put their trust in Element

The most flexible collaboration platform.

Element is a modern alternative for secure and resilient communications that combines the best of email, traditional collaboration tools and messaging apps.

MS Teams
Real time communication
Includes voice and video
End-to-end encrypted
Ensures compliance
Easy to connect with external parties
Can use self-hosted or fully managed
Can offer data sovereignty
Decentralised for network resilience
Suited to Out of Band use
Suited to Incident Response

Be in your element.

For classified discussion, business continuity and incident response.

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Built on Matrix

Matrix is an open network for secure, decentralised communication, connecting 80M+ users over 80K+ deployments.