Community ownership.

Keep ownership and control of community discussion. With Element, your members are people - not products!

Scale to support millions, with powerful moderation and interoperability.

Protect your community.

Your community can speak freely in the knowledge that their conversations are secured with end-to-end encryption; be that on-premise, hosted by Element or a provider of your choice. That means no data mining and no third party access.

Safe and inclusive.

Element has powerful auditing and moderation features - including server ACLs, shared moderation lists, message deletion, extensible anti-spam and anti-flooding mechanisms. It is easy to use, and offers excellent accessibility and screen reader support.

Created by a community, for communities.

"Mozilla values open communities, accessibility and trustworthy collaboration; the move to Element has been a huge improvement for us and a great experience for our company and community."

— Mike Hoye, Mozilla

The world’s largest free and open source software conference.

Handmade Seattle
Data sovereign hosting for its virtual conference.

TU Dortmund
Used by a cross-university council of computer science students across DACH.

For all shapes and sizes.

Built on the Matrix open standard, Element gives communities independence and flexibility. Configure as you wish; and with no limits on connections your community can grow from tens to millions.

Opt for a fully managed deployment.

You keep all the control and ownership, while we host and manage your own community-branded domain.