Secure collaboration for government.

Element is a combined secure messenger and collaboration tool. It scales to support millions of users for nationwide collaboration. Bringing government, public sector organisations, businesses and citizens together in real time.

  • Open standard collaboration for federated networks
  • End-to-end encrypted collaboration and messaging
  • Unlimited licence-free secure connections
  • Digital sovereignty for each participating organisation
  • Deploy on-premise or in the cloud
  • Open source and open standard

Element and the French government build Tchap.

Discover how the French Government introduced federated, digital sovereign messaging and collaboration for more than 300,000 French civil servants.

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Joined-up government.

Element and the open standard Matrix protocol enable government-wide, national scale federated networks. Connect the entire public sector, its partner organisations and citizens.

Federated networks for millions.

A Governmental Matrix network diagram, showing federated networks.

Trusted by governments around the world.

"Element gives us messaging and collaboration that is secure, and contains the right feature set for 300,000 public administration users. Matrix is technically advanced, proven and mature."

— Jérôme Ploquin, DINUM


Germany's Bundeswehr use Element for secure communications

Element partners with the French government to support 300K users.

Texas Division of Emergency Management

Secure communications for disaster recovery situations.


Large scale public office and education communications for Schleswig-Holstein.

Unique functionality.

MS Teams

Digital sovereignty

End-to-end encrypted

Open standard for federated networks

On-premise or cloud

Open source

Germany’s healthcare system adopts Matrix.

With the TI-Messenger, gematik is creating a nationwide decentralised private communication network - based on Matrix - to support potentially more than 150,000 healthcare organisations within Germany’s national healthcare system.

Digital sovereignty and encryption.

Every participating organisation is able to self-host, ensuring it has complete ownership and control of its data.

Default end-to-end encryption ensures communication stays private between validated participants, protecting sensitive data as it travels through joined up government and frontline services.


Element is based on the Matrix open standard, so it’s  interoperable with any other Matrix-based messenger. Organizations and individuals are free to choose whichever Matrix-based app works best for them.

Open source

Element and Matrix are committed to open source. Nationwide deployments can build on licence-free software, with the freedom to extend, customise and contribute.

Be in your element.

Secure communication and collaboration.

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Built on Matrix

Matrix is an open network for secure, decentralised communication, connecting 80M+ users over 80K+ deployments.