Admin Console.

Manage the future of real-time communication.

Admin Console dashboard

Take control.

The Admin Console is our graphical interface for administering your homeserver and the Element Server Suite. It is the home of all your user accounts and powerful enterprise capabilities.

Through Admin Console you configure the homeserver which features the latest updates and optimizations, and you customize the deployment to suit your organization’s needs.

Customize your setup easily.

Managing a decentralized platform that provides data sovereignty over the Matrix open standard is complex - especially as it allows for a broad range of devices, hosts, networks and use cases.

The Admin Console simplifies the underlying intricacies of Matrix and adheres to the latest accessibility best practices to ensure easy administration and corporate compliance for your communications.

Harness all the innovation and transformative power of Matrix-based real time communication, in an enterprise environment.

Enterprise-ready next generation communications.

Bring the power of our innovative, open source technology to the world of enterprise communications.
Admin configuration interface
Security and feature updates with best-practice configuration
Identity and access management
Support and service level agreements (SLAs)
Audit for regulation or compliance
Server-side moderation tools

Admin Console provides IT administrators with an enterprise-ready hub for managing their organization’s setup.

Admin in your element.

Oversight and control at your fingertips.