Skype for Business Server (S4B) replacement.

Element is a secure, end-to-end encrypted alternative for Skype for Business Server (S4B).

  • Secure 1:1 and group VoIP
  • Complete collaboration platform
  • End-to-end encrypted
  • On-premise or in the cloud
An image showing coworkers collaborating over video calls and chat on desktop and mobile

More than a Skype replacement.

Element replaces Skype for Business VoIP capabilities, and offers the transformative power of a modern - and unique - collaboration platform.

Empower your users with easy voice and video calls, secure connectivity, lively chat rooms, persistent messaging, productivity boosting in-room widgets, data feeds and integrations.

  • 1:1 and group voice and video
  • 1:1 and group messaging 
  • Powerful admin functions and permissions
  • Voice messages, read receipts and reactions
  • Editable messages
  • File and screen sharing

Flexible deployment for
security-conscious organisations

Element can be deployed on-premise, as a fully managed hosted service or a combination of both.

Multiple homeservers can give individual departments their own system - and data sovereignty - with private federation providing secure connectivity across an entire organisation. 

Element also supports air-gapped, low-bandwidth and peer-to-peer environments.

Delight your users.

Delight your users with an intuitive messenger-style interface, on desktop and mobile. Single click 1:1 and group voice or video calls, flexible room creation and chat settings, in-room widgets, data feeds and integrations.

Example screen of a team collaborating in rooms, with live data, chat and video calls.
  • Spaces to organise people and discussions
  • In-room widgets; from calculators and calendars to Spotify
  • Integrations to share and analyse data in real time
  • Emojis, polls, stickers and reactions to stimulate discussion and decision-making

A new era of communication.

“Organisations need a secure, neutral way to communicate. Matrix is the most advanced platform to provide that missing communication layer.”

Skype co-founder Jaan Tallinn backs Element and Matrix, through his investment fund Metaplanet.

metaplanet (

More secure than Skype for Business.

End-to-end encryption

Element is end-to-end encrypted; even if a server or network is compromised, encrypted data can’t be viewed.

Message security

Messages are decrypted per-device, rather than per-user, to add an extra layer of security.

Cross-signed device verification

Cross-signed device verification guards against man-in-the-middle style attacks.

Fast and simple migration.

Skype for Business Server is approaching End of Life, and it has no on-premise migration path. 

Element is the natural replacement. It offers the same data ownership model, but with the added protection of end-to-end encryption and a complete enterprise messaging and collaboration platform.

Element is helping all types of organisations migrate from Skype for Business.

Our Skype bridging service, in particular, helps large organisations migrate per department or by region. It enables Element and Skype for Business users to message each other, with a native look and feel, without switching apps.

And of course, being Matrix-based, Element also bridges to traditional collaboration and messaging apps such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, WhatsApp and Signal.

A unique Skype for Business replacement.


MS Teams

Cisco Webex




Viable product roadmap



End-to-end encryption

Cross-signed device verification

Open standard

Open network

No vendor lock-in

Microsoft Teams is not a secure replacement for Skype for Business Server

The University of Innsbruck chose Element over Microsoft Teams to be its university-wide real time collaboration platform for 5,000 employees and 27,000 students; all hosted on-premise.

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Enterprise functionality.

An end-to-end encrypted environment, with enterprise functionality. Support for E2EE search, antivirus and data loss prevention.
Delegated authentication (including LDAP for Active Directory) and group sync enable easy provisioning/deprovisioning, Single Sign-On and secure access management.

Matrix is an open network for secure, decentralised communication, connecting 80M+ users over 80K+ deployments.

Governed by The Foundation, the Matrix protocol is an open standard with open source implementations, supporting a vibrant developer ecosystem. Element was founded by the team behind Matrix as a way to bring it to the mainstream.