Skype replacement.

Element is the natural replacement for Skype for Business Server.

It offers the same data ownership model, but with the added protection of end-to-end encryption and a complete messaging and collaboration platform with VoIP and enterprise-grade functionality.

Replace Skype for Business with Element.
  • Data sovereign; on-premise or cloud.
  • E2EE messaging and VoIP for 1:1s and groups.
  • Powerful federation to support external partners.
  • Ideal for air-gapped environments.
  • Easy migration paths from Skype to Element.

More than a Skype replacement.

Element replaces Skype for Business VoIP and messaging capabilities, and offers the transformative power of a modern - and unique - collaboration platform.

Skype replacement.

  • 1:1 and group voice and video
  • 1:1 and group messaging 
  • Editable messages
  • File and screen sharing
  • Emojis, polls, stickers and reactions to stimulate discussion and decision-making
  • Powerful corporate oversight to manage and moderate rooms

Modern collaboration.

  • Voice messages, read receipts and reactions
  • In-room widgets, data feeds and integrations 
  • Organization-wide chat room structures
  • Mobile-first user experience with its messenger-style app

Watch the video and learn how to:

  • Collaborate securely in real-time with your network
  • Tailor your workspace to improve productivity with widgets, room hierarchies and configurations
  • Benefits from decentralization, data sovereignty and E2EE

Flexible deployment for air-gapped or isolated networks.

“64% of technology decision makers expect their organization's need to give partners access to air-gapped or isolated environments to grow over the next three years.”

— The Future of Secure Communications, a report conducted on Element's behalf by Forrester Consulting

Element can be deployed on-premise or self-hosted in a private cloud.

Multiple homeservers can give individual departments their own system - and data sovereignty - with private federation providing secure connectivity between multiple sites.

Element supports data-sovereign, end-to-end encrypted communication between organizations. Network control can be extended through the use of a secure border or cross domain gateways for configurable rules-based access.
Case Study
Logo for Försäkringskassan (the Swedish Social Insurance Agency)

Sweden abandoned Skype (and MS Teams) for Element.

“One idea behind choosing Element as a chat tool was that it is based on an open protocol to enable collaboration with other clients. It also reduces lock-in effects, which is an advantage if one of the services lags behind the others in terms of development speed.”

— Anna Engström, Försäkringskassan

Försäkringskassan (Sweden’s social security agency) was a leading player in eSam, the collaborative project between 34 Swedish public authorities, who worked together to find alternatives to Skype for Business. They chose to adopt Element for internal collaboration as well as offering it within their service SAFOS as part of their government assignment to run coordinated IT for other authorities.

Skype for Business Server
replacement hub.

With the Skype for Business End of Life deadline fast approaching, it's crucial to explore the best alternatives and make an informed decision about your organization's communication needs.

Manage the uncertainty around Skype’s future with our new resource hub.

metaplanet (

“Organisations need a secure, neutral way to communicate. Matrix is the most advanced platform to provide that missing communication layer.”

— Skype co-founder Jaan Tallinn backs Element and Matrix, through his investment fund Metaplanet.

Upgrade to a future-proof platform.

“63% of technology decision makers are planning to introduce secure real time communication across their value chain as a high or critical near-term priority.”

— The Future of Secure Communications, a report conducted on Element's behalf by Forrester Consulting

Fast or phased migration.

Skype for Business Server is approaching End of Life, and it has no on-premise migration path. Element is the natural replacement and is helping all types of organizations migrate from Skype for Business.

A unique Skype for Business replacement.

Viable product roadmap
Deploy on-premise or in a private cloud
Connectivity to consumer messaging apps
Easy connectivity with external partners, based on an open standard
Migration service
Skype bridge
Decentralized for mission critical reliability
Supports highly secure environments with border gateways and cross domain solutions
*Using Matrix, but only in a limited capacity.
Correct as of 4th Aug 2023.

Microsoft Teams was not a secure Skype replacement for the University of Innsbruck

The University of Innsbruck chose Element over Microsoft Teams to be its university-wide real time collaboration platform for 5,000 employees and 27,000 students; all hosted on-premise.

Forrester report

The best secure communication.

Choosing an on-premise platform that has been independently researched is a powerful validation when building the business case for a secure and compliant collaboration platform.

Download Forrester Wave™: Secure Communications, Q3 2022.

Element provides E2EE with enterprise functionality.

Element is a decentralized solution that supports on-premise and self-hosted cloud deployment, as well as private (and open if desired) federation.

Deployed at an enterprise level, Element supports the business with essentials such as Single Sign-On, auditing, moderation and antivirus tools.

Be in your element.

Get out of Skype, and into your element.