Govern the debate.

Digital sovereignty, open source secure messaging and collaboration.

Governments can be sure of their digital sovereignty because Element is decentralised. Governments can host, own and control their data; on-premise or in the cloud.

A government-wide federated network is enabled by the open source Matrix protocol, capable of connecting the whole public sector, its partner organisations and citizens.

Default end-to-end encryption and cross-signed device verification
ensure communications stay private between validated participants, protecting sensitive data as it travels through joined up government and frontline services.

Tried and trusted by governments
The French government's Matrix-based system, Tchap, supports 300K users. The German states of Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg are implementing a Matrix-based solution for 500K users across their public offices and education sector, and Germany's Bundeswehr is switching to Matrix to modernise its communications.

Your problem

Finding a solution for massive scale deployment, federating to support millions of people across thousands of separate organisations; each with their own IT set-up.

Managing access and directory systems to enable people to find each other.

The cost and resource of even contemplating such a wide-scale deployment.

Element solution

Open government
A purpose-built open messenger and collaboration tool that everyone can use. Infinitely scalable, across multiple organisations and security domains, with bridging technology to connect to other protocols like IRC and XMPP, or more traditional tools like Slack.

Joined-up government
Flexible integrations support single sign-on (SSO), address books, directories and federation-based approved listings. The open Matrix network already enables 20M people to find each other based on their interests and expertise.

Open source for privacy and TCO
Both Element and Matrix are committed to open source and open standards. No exorbitant licencing, with the freedom to build on top of powerful, and proven technology that leaves you free from vendor lock-in.

Ensuring government-grade security and compliance across traditional messaging and collaboration systems.

Delivering flexible communication across government's diverse requirements.

Secure and compliant
Digital sovereignty, genuine end-to-end encryption and cross-signing delivers government-grade security for messaging and collaboration. Element provides additional E2EE-compatible tools to enable compliance without compromising security.

For every situation
Built for operating in extreme environments, Element supports ultra-low bandwidth requirements through peer-to-peer, mesh networks, edge computing and IoT. From smart cities to crisis response and space exploration.

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