Secure communication for federal government and defense.

  • Flexible federation easily connects multiple government organizations
  • Self-host or fully managed, with complete data sovereignty
  • Communicate securely across information classification boundaries
The Element app featuring chat, live data widgets and a video call on a rugged desktop.

Govern in your Element.

Transform how the federal government operates with the productivity-boosting power of secure real time communications across multiple government departments.

Imagine the ubiquity of email, but in real time and protected by end-to-end encryption. A platform that combines the best of traditional collaboration, mobile-first messaging, voice and video. 

Configure and manage that platform to your exact needs, and empower the workforce to create their own chat rooms complete with a wide range of integrations and in-room live data.

Connect with other government organizations, as easy as email, to unite a federated organization with a secure communications platform based on an open standard.

The Element app on a rugged mobile device with a chat room open.

Trusted by Department of Defense and federal government

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The freedom of interoperability.

Element is based on the Matrix open standard, so it’s instantly interoperable with any other Matrix-based messenger. Organizations and individuals are free to choose whichever Matrix-based app works best for them.

Element’s interoperability means it can be introduced alongside existing systems, avoiding the need to rip and replace legacy communications platforms.

Bridged messages from other apps into Element.
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Always be in your Element.

Element also operates on legacy and low-specification devices, and is suitable for use in geographies with little - or no - network infrastructure.

Low bandwidth and peer-to-peer connectivity is possible using Element. This enables end-to-end encrypted messaging between multiple devices over any compatible medium (such as Bluetooth Low Energy) to create a full-mesh network. 

Where there is no internet connectivity this can be used to sustain communications, for instance in disaster zones or emergency scenarios where mobile towers are damaged. The encryption ensures messages can’t be intercepted by others listening to radio frequencies in the region.

Try Element.

For large organizations who want to see how Element provides secure, real time communications.

Combine comms and live data.

Deploy bots and widgets into comms channels to streamline workflows and accelerate human decision-making

From dashboards pulling data from other applications to live video, decision-making is faster and more effective when those in the discussion can see the relevant data. Element is the future of coherent operations.

Freedom in your Element.

Communicate across organizations

Communicate across military and government organizations as easily as email, but in real time and with end-to-end encryption.

A secure platform for everyone

Empower workers with end-to-end encrypted voice, video, collaboration and messaging without revealing telephone numbers.

Stay in control

A decentralized communications platform under your complete control. Be data sovereign, both self-hosted or fully managed.

Compliant end-to-end encryption

Ensure compliance, even when messaging with external parties who use different communication apps.

Nationwide scalability

Scales for the largest of organizations, with flexible federation to support millions of users across thousands of organizations.

No vendor lock-in

Open source, and based on an open standard, Element puts you in control and preserves your independence.

A federated network for federated government.

With Element, every defense and government organization can own, tailor and manage its deployment - right down to deciding how and where it is hosted. No vendor-controlled cloud service, and no lock-in.

The most secure collaboration platform.

Element is an incredibly secure collaboration platform, and based on an open standard for easy connectivity between people and organizations.

End-to-end encryption
Cross-signed device verification
On-premise or cloud deployment
Open standard for easy closed and open federation
Interoperates with other collaboration and messaging platforms
Decentralized for data sovereignty and resilience

Be in your element.

Secure communication and collaboration.

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Built on Matrix

Matrix is an open network for secure, decentralised communication, connecting 80M+ users over 80K+ deployments.