Cross Domain Solutions for Matrix.

Enable data sharing between information classification boundaries or domains, such as high-side and low-side environments.

A Cross Domain Solution securing import and export of data between separate Matrix deployments

What is a Cross Domain Solution for Matrix?

A Cross Domain Solution (CDS) enables the secure import and export of data between separate Matrix-based domains, supporting both cross-domain and cross-classification communications with configurable rules-based access.

The CDS is a combination of software and hardware that sits at the edge of a trusted network, sanitizing data exchanges between the trusted network and other domains. It operates as a gatekeeper, guarding against security threats associated with standard network connectivity. The gatekeeping operation can operate one-way, or bidirectionally.

What are the benefits of Element Cross Domain Solutions?

The potential threats of network connectivity have left high-side environments siloed. Yet even the world’s most secure operations need to communicate externally, and increasingly in real time.

Highly-controlled data exchange, subject to bespoke policy, enables high-side environments to transform their operations while minimizing risk.

How do Element Cross-Domain Solutions work?

By significantly enhancing information assurance through a controlled interface that enables or restricts access and information transfer between separate domains. To protect the high-side environment, input is typically sanitized through a protocol break and output is protected by authorized monitoring and content scanning.

The CDS operates according to bespoke, predetermined security policy which is agreed with the data controller on a case-by-case basis. Typically a CDS is built to specification and embedded within custom hardware. Element works with all cross domain hardware vendors.

Cross Domain Solutions are included in the Sovereign subscription.

Admin in your element.

Oversight and control at your fingertips.