Secure Border Gateways for Matrix.

Add an extra layer of security.

Control the flow of network traffic between user accounts, rooms and federated homeservers.

A Border Gateway securing the border between different networks

What is a Secure Border Gateway for Matrix?

A Secure Border Gateway (SBG) is a software component that protects the border between different networks, such as an organization's internal network and the external internet.

It can monitor the flow of network traffic and implement security measures to reduce the risk of unauthorized access, data breaches, and any malicious activities.

Our SBG incorporates a mix of security technologies to fortify the network according to predefined rules set by the customer.

How does Identity and Access Management help you?

An SBG can be used to extend the security of an internal Matrix network for a large organization. It can also be used to underpin an entire federated ecosystem that spans multiple organizations, or to connect an internal Matrix network to the public Matrix network.

Network security.

Our Secure Border Gateways protect against external threats, such as unauthorized access attempts, malware, and cyber attacks. It acts as a barrier between the internal network and the outside world, minimizing the likelihood of data breaches and phishing incidents, and protecting commercially sensitive information.

Access control.

Organizations can enhance access controls via a Secure Border Gateway. This ensures only authorized individuals can access specific users and rooms on the network.

Compliance requirements.

Implementing a Secure Border Gateway helps organizations meet regulatory compliance requirements, such as those related to data protection and privacy. By enforcing their security, organizations can demonstrate compliance with industry-specific regulations.

Secure Border Gateways (SBGs) are included in the Sovereign subscription.

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