Advanced Identity and Access Management.

For fully customizable SSO integration.

SSO and user management dashboard

Supercharged user management.

Advanced Identity and Access Management allows you to administer user lifecycles en masse and ensure compliance with internal policies. It also automatically maps and synchronizes existing organizational structures and user information.

This simplifies managing users' permissions based on organizational categories such as job roles, managerial responsibilities, special interests and business function.

Enhanced security for all your user accounts.

Administrators can reduce manual effort, minimize errors, and simplify identity management with our advanced identity access capability. It ensures consistency and efficiency in managing access controls and permissions. And with this powerful enterprise capability, updating joiners, movers and leavers couldn’t be easier!

The details of Advanced Identity and Access Management.

When the time comes to integrate your organization’s SSO solution into Element, there are some important things to note:
  • Advanced IAM supports LDAP/AD, Microsoft Graph and SCIM user backends.
  • Groups, departments or roles will be mirrored to room/space memberships and permissions
  • User names, e-mail addresses, avatars, etc. will remain in sync with centralized user directories.
  • Pre-provisioning/de-provisioning of users (including grace periods) will make user lifecycle management easy.
Find out more via our administrator documentation.

Advanced Identity and Access Management is included in the Element Enterprise subscription.

Admin in your element.

Oversight and control at your fingertips.